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what shade of black for my bullets/badges

  Discounted 1*2 parts
Getting the following parts sprayed in the next couple of weeks

- Bullets
- Both Renault diamonds
- Clio badge
- Wing mirror backings
- Upper and lower front grilles
- Fog light surrounds

My question is what shade/style of black should i go for. I am getting black wheels and ideally want them to match.

Should it be matt or gloss??

Should i also get the splitter, rear exhaust trims and rear bumper insert done too so they stay black for longer?

  FPOS Productions™ 172 FR
its up to you mate, shiney or not wht do you fancy?... all my plastic is painted gloss black....
  Discounted 1*2 parts
well i want it to look good when i clean the car. i.e. the rest of the car will be shiny so i want them to be too.

although not sure on the grilles will shiny grilles look tacky?


ClioSport Club Member
  182 + 330d
I always favour the bullets being the same colour as the car with another colour for the 2.0 16v detail, makes them look more factory.


ClioSport Club Member
  182 + 330d
Ive alway sent mine away as im bad with a small brush :) Bout £30 posted back from NathJ IIRC. I always liked Middo's work the best though but I think he rarely uses the forum now :(