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What would be a better set up? Advice please.

  Elvis - Biarritz 1.2
Having had my car for a few months I finally got bored of the factory tape player, and went and got a Cd player (sony something or other).
Seeing as I now actually have a choice over the music I play (instead of just cycling through an REM tape, one compilation and a Rage Against The Machine affair) I'm thinking I need to upgrade how I listen to stuff in my car.

At the moment, I'm rocking the factory 4 inchers in the dash, and that's it. TBH it's not too bad, I mean, I'm not into bass intensive music, so I can get by on just them most of the time.
But I would like to flesh the sound out a bit. But with some major constrictions.
I don't want to start cutting the panels anywhere really. I don't want anything on show when I close the car (nobody would steal my car, and I want to keep it that way), and I have very little money to spend, so DIY as much as possible.
The two options I'm thinking of are...

1) Make two small fibreglass backed pods to fit above the rear wheel arches in the boot and then mount 6.5's in them. I mean, it's not going to be an ideal enclosure by any stretch of the imagination, but how bad could it be? I've been looking for a fibreglassing project to do for a while as well, so that could be cool. But what kind of sound would I get from that? I don't need perfect bass reproduction, just something nice.

2) One small 8 or 10 inch sub. Again, I don't really want to start getting into cutting panels, or doing anything that takes up too much room. So I was thinking of mounting it in a shallow but wide box, maybe hanging from the parcel shelf, so I could still use the boot. Again not ideal, but it's always going to be a compromise.

What do you think I should go for though? Is the sub only option going to make it sound unbalanced, and are the pods just going to suck, especially with a parcel shelf in?

Any advice would be appreciated, as obviously I'm not too clued up on this. I just want a nice full sound to play mostly rock music on. CHEERS! :D