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What would you do

  LY 200

Right im 20 and have had a clio 16v for almost a year now but was thinking of changing over to a 172 as im coming up for a years no-claims (2.5 years driving though).

I am payin £1270 tpft on my M reg Valver at the moment but the renewal price for the end of the month is £861 fully comp with the car worth approx 3k and i have been quoted £1668 fully comp for a Y reg mk1 172 worth approx 7k!!!

Do you think a 172 justifys paying that much extra on insurance for?

Would you pay that much for insurance on any car?

Im in two minds, i can stay virtually debt payin cheap as chips insurance on a car that isnt a bad allrounder or i can go for the newer but more expensive in all aspects 172!!!

Opinions much appreiciated.




  S5 Sportback

i wouldnt bother matey...

i get upset enough at renewal time...

but if you want a 172 that much then it all depends on whether YOU will be happy paying over £1500 for the insurance.

i wouldnt have the 182 if it cost me that much...


i wouldnt pay that much as its not somthing youll get back, mod the clio 16v in a few ways and your more likely to get some of it back when you sell, is insurance for a williams much more if you fancy something different?
  LY 200

Seb i was thinkin it was too much to pay for insurance aswell altough im still thinkin about it!!!

Daz its affordable but id be in more debt by doing it where as im comfortable on the outgoins the Valver has at the mo!!!

Docter i would only sell the Valver in order to buy a newer performance car, the car i have is sound so i wouldnt wanna go for an older car that possibly wasnt!!!

Im also tryna get opinions on weather a 172 is worth £800 a year more than a Valver for insurance from people who have gone from a Valver to a 172 or even thought about it.........Obviously the 172 does have more going for it than a Valver but Does it really outshine it to the point that its worth an extra £800 for a years insurance?

I wouldnt go into debt then..

Williams insurance isnt going to be cheaper.. I wouldnt think.. its an insurance group higher, but less value.. dont think theres much in it!
  1.8 Civic EX

I got a valver and have been thnking the same as you for a while. but IMO if the insurance is over a grand then you cant afford the car! So im gonna keep the valver untill it totaly gives up the ghost then get and Evo 6! :p thats the plan anyway!