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Whats Your Opinions (Clio 1.2 16v)

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  BMW E92/Audi S3
Cheap as chips mate.
Check the sunroof doesn't leak.
Can't remember when the belts are done.
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check for rattly sunroof,melting steering wheel,anti roll bar mounts prone to shearing(cheap fix)timing belts are 72000 miles or five years (i think)but at that price got to be worth a punt,good luck.
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Look for body work, See if theres any creases in the bootwell for rear damage, Any ripples in the paint or very bad orange peeling on the paintwork (slight is normal) for signs of a respray.

Check if the belts have been done (doubt it for that price), Will need cambelt kit and aux belt change, Water pump change while thats being done for peace of mind.

Check for any lights on the dash.

Service history to match with the mileage.

Sure if you google there are lots of checkpoints you can go over if you need to.
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Hpi clear :)

The guy bought it for his Girlfriend but she doesnt like it... Looks like hes got a bit of a bargain here.. Were waiting on a call back on the belts been changed.


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  AG200|981 Cayman
personaly i would avoid the early 1.2 16vs although that is very cheap tbh

I'm with you on that tbh, had loads of problems with mine (didnt they change the engine in 2003 because of problems)

But, as josh says, cheap to repair.

That one looks clean though, good little car for the money tbf