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Wheel re-furbs... how do they work?

  Cup 172
Might be a daft question, but Im thinking about getting my wheels re-furbed, as they are all curbed thanks to the previous (female ;-)) owner.

Can a re-furb remove all curb damage? How is it done?



ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
sanding, filler, more sanding, painting, laquer. In that order.

Will get the wheels looking new. However it will not remove buckles or cracks.
  Chocolate Bar™
If you would have seen adam hodgy's wheels on here, you'll know they can do absolutly anything. His wheels were so kurbed they had to make a new lip, and they still looked as good as new
  Saab 93 Aero Wagon
Mate check out this website.
Its a company we use to have all our wheels refurbed. The quality is top notch and costs roughly £45 per wheel.
Just click on Refinshing on the infobar and it shows each step of the process.