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wheel suggestions?/photoshop

  MK2 PH2 & E46 330

This is my mates ford fiesta mk4. He just had a bodykit added, and hes now looking for some wheels. possibly sixteens.

The ones on just now are fifteens TSWs

Does anyone have any suggestions what would look good?

If ur super nice ull photoshop some on :)

Thankyou Clio People!

as said above zetec-s alloys, or similar, maybe pro-race 1's, superleggras etc.

where are you based? I'm sure i recognise that car
  MK2 PH2 & E46 330
its my mates, in edinburgh. hes only had the kit on it for like a week at most.

he got an awesome deal with a whole respray and bodykit fitting cause his brothers just started a garage. :)
ahh ok, must just be anoter fiesta round ym way with that kit on. He could do with some clear side repeaters aswell. i think zetec-s alloys are the way forward on that tho