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Dj Annihilation

Hi guys

Was trying to get my wheel off today for first time to inspect everything.....

I can see there is one locking nut, i tried using the locking nut key adapter which fits on to the socket thing that comes with the jack etc but everytime i try and turn it seems to come off thread, its quite a loose fit onto the socket itself to so trying to get leverage is hard, am i missing something, this is such as simple task and i cant see how its failing lol....


  mk2 ph2 172 Flamer
had a similar problem when bought mine 172, had wheel locking bolts but the guy lost the adaptor. Are you sure the adaptor fits? is it the same shape? what i did is i used a bit smaller socket and a hammer to tap it on and then undo the bolts.

Dj Annihilation

Well the adapter was in with the spare wheel locking nuts so i am guessing so, its just the fit from wheel change kit socket that seems a little loose, not sure if this is a common problem, i feel like im gonna thread the security wheel nut because i cant seem to get enough leverage