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Where’s the 172/Cup

Thats what I want to know!

I get Auto Express on subscription and have only just had time to read this weeks one.

They have a road test: Golf R32 vs Rivals. Comprises: Golf R32 (funnily enough) Focus RS, Astra GSi Turbo, and Civic Type R.

Now......I know all of these are 200bhp+ and the 172/Cup is 172bhp, which may be the reason. But when the Top Gear road test puts the Mk2 172 2nd to the CTR, and calls it "still an excellent package" and loses out only on non-raw feel and being not as well made or practical, I think the 172 deserved to be tested here!!!

The results of the test are:

1st: Focus RS!

2nd: CTR!!!

3rd: Golf R32

4th: Astra GSi Turbo

What does everyone else think? Would the 172 or Cup be outclassed here or could they have been worthy competitors?

Its just gone out of favour with the British motoring press! There was a time where every test in the mag comprised a 172 of some guise! Its been tested so often everyone knows what it can do.

The 172 is obviuosly in their league in terms of "hot-hatchedness".

But in terms of segments, I think Im right in saying the Clio is a B-segment car and those above are C-segment (i.e. next car up). Some magazines that just attract casual readers do their tests on that basis.

I guess theyd do one with the 172/Cup as: 172/Cup v 206 GTi (maybe a 180?) v Mini Cooper S v Vauxhall Corsa SRi etc etc

You are both making perfect sense! - damn!

Would be interesting to see where it would be ranked if it was included in that test though.