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Where Do These Go?

Right guys (and gals)

bit of help here!
firstly where does this connect? i have no idea and cant spot anywhere for it to go!

and no i'm not a hand model! :) lmao i'm sure its something for the rad which is why i think the rads not working but maybe i'm wrong!

next one is where does this vacuum hose go to?

as u can see its only got a screw in like its had for a while so it doesnt run lean where does this go to?

any help would be great!
the vacuum pipe goes down under the air filter and battery somewhere - not sure where it finishes - not sure about the plugs - if its the wire im thinking of there should be another plug coming from near the alternator but I could be wrong.
Nice looking throttle body by the way - I take it you removed it to polish??
where is the acousitc valve? what does it look like? and any ideas on the other cable?
ahh ok i'll just leave that as is but i still need to find out where the wire goes as its my main worry!
The plugs probaly linked to the aircon I guess the doner car had aircon?
Might have something to do with the PAS but I woulnd't expect so but you won't have normal PAS you've kept he normal electric rack havn't you?
no aircon, no foglights and i've changed to the fluid power steering i saved some weight from the aircon and fog lights though va va voom