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Where do you keep your detailing stuff?

Share photos or tell us where you keep it. At the moment mine's just kept in a spare bucket but I'm looking at storage solutions for my garage and want to see everybody elses efforts before I make up my mind. :)


ClioSport Club Member
I have a different system as I have work to store 50% of my bigger stuff.

My cupboard...



ClioSport Club Member
I need to sort mine out a bit more, It's mainly in boxes, detailing bags and a plastic 3 drawer storage unit.


Scotland - NW
ClioSport Area Rep
Used to be on the shelf in my garage but since moving out ive got it in a box like Gally in the boot of my car!
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Another one for the 3 drawer plastic storage thing! Tempted to add another one on top though as it's getting a bit full


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I have 5 Shelves and 7 drawers. Oh and a cabinet thing, all in the garage. Except my Swissvax, that stays indoors.


ClioSport Club Member
  Golf 7.5R & Clio 200
I do have 2 more hanging about somewhere that I use for my wheel stuff but generally 2 buckets is plenty :)
I'll let you off then, thought you were using car buckets or wheels :eek: haha


ClioSport Admin
I thought I'd organise my cleaning stuff after today's auto finesse delivery.


it all went nicely into a few boxes/bags


AF stuff in the ag bag, chemicals in the gardx bag, misc (wwhw, rainx, towels etc) in one box, empty bottles in another and ag stuff in the last one.

And a quick tidy of under the stairs where it all lives... Hopefully ill get to put shelves up soon as I've got so much s**t to do in the house :(