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Where to get an oil temp reading on a ph2 172.

  MK2 Escort, Clio 172
Probably fitting an oil cooler to my occasional track car, but want to fit an oil temp gauge too. Where do you get the temp from? A sump plug fitting?
  Trophy Turbo :)
i dont think the sand plate is the best place to take the oil temp from, Idealy you need it in the block were the oil ways are.... Not easy iI was waiting too se what other sugest before commenting on this
Certainly does seem flow well enough, that hole is in one of the oilways... The temp was always 'normal' for a standard engine. Even out on track for 50 mins without coming in and it was the same temp as when I first went out... If it wasnt not flowing, the pressure gauge I had wouldn't have been showing a reading based on revs increasing/decreasing... If the oil pressure rises and is forcing down that oilway into the hole, it will be pushing more oil in forcing some out at the same time surely.

I left the sensor out the end of the t-piece once by accident and it shot out miles in front of the car the instant the engine started - so once the oil hits a sensor it would flow the opposite way, not just stop dead in its tracks? Does not really matter for me anymore anyway, as I dont even run that setup now. I couldnt be arsed with gauges - standard F4R engine does not need them IMO.
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  MK2 Escort, Clio 172
Does anyone know what oil temps 172's run at on track without a cooler? I don't really want to thrash round blissfully unaware of what damage I may be doing.