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Which phone for dumb ginger girl i know.

  Scirocco 2.0 tsi
She wants a phone, on a contract (no more than £20-£25 a month, txts/minutes not that important as long as its not like 50 txts/ 5 minutes lol)

However it must be able to go on facebook and msn, so i guess she needs one with like, applications or something, also she would prefer it not to be a touchscreen.

She asked me because i used to be up on all the latest phones but since i got my 3GS i've lost interest in all the inferior phones out there so i'm of no help, i thought someone on here (probably an iphone hater) might be able to help.
  Scirocco 2.0 tsi
What's being dumb and ginger got to do with it?

Not alot, thought it might get a read, just waiting for "pics" to be posted tbh. She takes her laptop into the shower, sits it on the sink and jumps in and out to reply to me on msn soaking it in the process, thats how dumb she is.