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Which Splitter for willy

hey all... been looking at recent forum posts about splitters... which of the following would fit best and look cool on the williams..?

Seat LEON / Toledo

Bumper Spoiler


Part No: FS161

Seat IBIZA 1.4/2.0 8v/2.0 16v/GTi/Cupra Sport/1.9 TDi (9.96>8.99)

Bumper Spoiler


Seat IBIZA 3dr (9.96>8.99)

Front Bumper Spoiler


Part No: RS160

Renault Clio 16v (>4.96)

Bumper Spoiler


Part No: FS145

Renault Megane (>3.99)

Bumper Spoiler


Part No: FS148

Also.. what do people think of the quad headlight conversion?


  BMW 320d Sport

They all look rough I reckon. i was thinking about the same sort of thing and I pinned it down to two choices: 1, a Seat Cordoba splitter, £25 from a dealer. 2 is top secret and Ill PM you about it! Suffice to say all will be revealed once mine is back on the road and resprayed.
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

As Ed says leave it alone. Quad headlights look crap on any car (IMO) and anyhow what do you want to deface your williams for? They look fine as they are....