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Which tyres for 172

  320d M Sport

Tried searching but there not much on this (unbelievably!!!)

Anyhow, I need 2 new front jobbies soon,i know a few people on here run Proxes, what about the new Goodyear Eagle? Also am I better buying them online, if so where from??



quite soft, there about £50 from the online tyre places(cant remember thelink) I bought mine from the Toyo stand at trax for cash, only had them a couple of weeks but seem much better than the standard contis, especially in the wet


  Shiny red R32

I have to agree with you that the Contisports are very slidy at times. I changed mine after only 400 miles when I got my new wheels and the Toyos with their nice tread pattern - so much more grippy too!

Well, just to put my 2 penth in....

The Goodyear Eagle F1s are good, I change to them ohhhhh certainly before 600 miles, fantastic tyres, superb in the wet, great in the dry, good wear rate (And I got them for a steal @£57 +vat a corner - A mates mum runs a tyre firm in Brum). So if you can get them for a good price, give them a go....

I must say, I just looked at the fronts, and even though theyve had a couple of track days, the academy day and Ive just clocked over 6000 miles Ive still got a good 3-4 mm before I will be down to the tread bump for the 1.6mm limit - not bad really :cool:
  CTR EK9 turbo

Ive had 2 sets of fronts just from everyday (enthusiastic) driving. The first set i got were Bridgestone Potenza S0-3s for £138 including fitting and a towing adjustment as mine was way out. They didnt last very long, but better than the Michelins which ran out after 6000 miles.

I have just recently bought a set of Goodyear Eagle F1s which won an EVO tyre test special. They cost me £47 a corner and for 2 fronts it cost me £95 for everything. That was at Michel Dever Tyres at Michel Dever Station near Winchester. They are THE cheapest place to get tyres from, accept no substitute, unless you can get free tyres!

The only pain with michel devers is that you have to cue for AGES! so get there early in the morning......

I have now done 650 miles in the Clio CUP and they have these Conti Sport Contacts. I must say that I am not happy with them. They seem to create too much torque steer.

Last night I tried out the car for the 1st time on a B/C road (single track) next to my house where we do testing on new set-ups for the Impreza and it was very scary indeed. The car was all over the place, very diffficult to keep in a straight line. It kept hunting over every undulation and road bump and imperfection. As scary too that in 2nd over 5K revs, this thing was loosing traction and could not put all the power down through the front wheels.

In the Impreza I can get up to 90 and that is maximum attack with total commitment in the dark with (so I know nothing is coming the other way as single track). From my initial impressions of the CUP, I was looking forward to seeing how close I could get to the Impreza in the dry and,,,,, no contest at the moment as I perhaps need to get more used to it but certainly does not inspire confidence.

Question, is the 172Sport the same in terms of manic steering feel and hunting all over the road??? If so, will different tyres make a difference. I remember Evo saying something similar on their long term 172 that when they changed from the Contis to Michelin Pilots, it reduced the steering issues. If so I swear by Bridgestone SO3s for the Impreza and Lotus. Has anyone used them on the Clio???? Also will an upgrade to 17s assist. Usually bigger wheels and wider track usually results in higher cornering speeds but a reduced ride comfort and in many cases, increased tramlining and hunting over the roads.

Any comments are massively appreciated!!!

  320d M Sport

Thanks for the replies everyone. Im not really surprised so many of you lot swapped the tyres, they do feel dodgy sometimes. Looks like Im going for either the F1 or the Toyo then? Probably going to come down to price i suspect? Antbody know any more online retailers as that seems the cheapest thing to do at the moment?


Lots of people use these in Hong Kong and they are dead sticky and better than teh T1-S and last only a tiny bit shorter.......saying that, sizes arent identical.

But saying that....i find teh Contis just fine.....very comfortable to take to the limit and not get bitten...which is a good charater for the road.....also, the clio was developed with contis in mind and in conjunction with they are a good match.
  320d M Sport

Contis are more expensive arent they, and to be truthfull they look, well, a bit crappy......