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Which will WIN

Clio 16v, K+N Decat and magnex


Escort Gti Zorst and cam kit(150bhp claimed)

As you can guess mines the clio, but a lad from college wants to race..... which will win?
  Revels Mum & Sister

Standard they are 115BHP 9.2 Secs to 60.

Dont think he would get 35 BHP from cams alone.

Safe to say a scalp for you mate. We are talking the Mk5. Only GTi they made wasnt it??
  clio 20v

dont think the gtis got the poo 1800 105bhp engine

think its got about 130 so with a cam it prob is knockin on 140-150hp id still be confident on beating it though cos there sh*te


cheers dudes.... i had a race bout a week ago with a rs1800, so was wonderin if it was the same kinda thing?

He said its 130 std, but jus wanna kick his ass!:devilish::devilish::devilish::devilish::devilish::devilish::devilish::devilish:
  mk2 172

to top off your mates claims a lad near me has one, he tells everyone its an rs200 and it has 180 bhp, thing is its an si 105 bhp as standard lol, i checked his numberplate out !
  Revels Mum & Sister

Gti is defo 115! Ex GF old man had one. Still see him a bit around and about. From a rolling start along the dual carriageway left him for dust.

Although was standard. However matey at your college may have been bullsh*tting!!! Mite not have cams in which case he will look silly. Na RS1800 (Fiesta??) would piss all over it!!! The fiesta would piss all over the Escort. Never raced an RS1800.

Let the challenge begin. I still wanna race craggy in his VTS!

The RS2000 has 150bhp and hits 60 in 8.3 secs and 100 in 22-23 so you would be faster than one of them but im sure the Gti only has 115bhp so he maybe around 130bhp still way off the mark.The escort Gti is just an Si with a bodykit - nice alloys tho I put some on my last Fezzie to replace those lovely 3 spokes.

The RS1800 has identical 0-60 & 0-100 times to a RS2000 and isnt very fast either, it has a faster 30-70 than the RS2000. Ive has 2 RS1800s and both were fun but far too slow - hit a brick wall at 85mph. My sister now has my last one, I checked out the RS2000 but costs a fortune to tune as its got a strange engine (IE4 or something) but the Gti is seen as a bit of a joke and not worthy of any sports badge.

Im a quiet fan of fast Fords (especially the rally homologation specials), but many of them seem way off the pace in standard form - especially the NA cars. A NA RS/XR will generally be a fair bit slower than the Renault or Peugeot equivalent in off the peg form.

Im not trying to invite the wrath of Ford boys, but I reckon a Clio Valver/205 GTi will respond better to all-round tuning (i.e. not just engine work) than many Ford models will and will still be more true to their original virtues in terms of handling etc.

Give me an Escort Cosworth or Focus RS any day though!

The other good thing about fast Fords is that you can run one, modify one and fix one on a relatively low budget. I know from experience that the 16v will snap at the heels of even the more exotic Fords, but theyll be fixed and live to fight another day when the 16v is off the road waiting for an overpriced and rare part.

Quote: Originally posted by Craggy on 26 February 2003

its the 16v xr3i that has 130bhp

Not all of them. It came in the 105bhp and the 130bhp option and its nigh on impossible to know which one a car has without looking at the engine block. Not that it was even breathtakingly quick in 130bhp form anyway. Only the Fiesta was clear cut - in that the XR2i 1.8 16vs all had the 105bhp lump and the RS1800s had the 130bhp.

In fact, the 105bhp lump was exactly the same with smaller throttle bodies, smaller manifold, different ECU and missing the oil cooling system. Replace those items and 130bhp is obtainable from the 105bhp lump.

I very much doubt if either of the RS1800s i owned made 130bhp one low milage one average milage, a lot of Rolling road results for RS1800s were 120-125bhp in the Ford magazines. The RS2000 apparently has a learning ECU so if you chuck and exaust and filter on you still only have 150bhp - LOL what a pain.
  Revels Mum & Sister

Missed my post as well Craggy. I said I wouldnt mind a good ass whipping. Or maybe I will claim a VTS scalp. Am I allowed to completely gut my car before hand?? Hehe

Wouldnt mind a race sometime!
  mk2 172

where you from then mate, i need some more footage of me racing valvers he he, yet to find one that can take me out, been close tho with adi........
  Revels Mum & Sister

Down near Bouremouth. But if you arent close sure will see you at a meet and give you a good thrashing


so we need a place between Manchester and donny with a nice quiet road....hmmm...having said that i could always just come up Donny and we could go for a quick blast or two?
  Revels Mum & Sister

Nice well I will race the van mate hehe

Where do you live around??

Take a drive to me mate. Give you an evening od videos. Have an excellent Usually empty dual carriageway. 4 miles with a nice bit of hillclimbing at the start!!

Sorry not replyin sooner was sleepy last nite....

Anyway come from cheshire, wanna go down santa pod this year sometime, if we all go down me n you craggy! he he

I wanna see what a true vts can do not like all these tarts drivin round here in replicas. Annoying thinkin ya smoked a quike car to find its a west coast.