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who can help me

i would be very grateful if you could help me fill the ones that are blank>
To ensure that I supply you with the most accurate information and prices to suit your individual application, please answer the following questions (dont worry if you cant answer all of the questions);

Q1: Which country do you live in?

If your engine is carburettored please answer Q2, if not jump to Q3.

Q2: How many chokes has your carb(s) got and what is the manifold configuration?

Q3 a): Have you got a standard fuel injection system? If so, how many airflow meters does your engine have? (If not, please answer Q3b)
A3 a):

Q3 b) How many throttle bodies does your system have?
A3 b):

Q4: How many cylinders has your engine got?

Q5: Is your engine normally aspirated, turbo charged or supercharger

Ahhhh no2....

Some guy with an evo7 posted about his no2 setup, how a certain company said that it doesnt damage your engine etc, they set it up and now he needs a complete engine rebuild (and he wasnt running that much either!!)

! piston is well shot and the other is cracked, all down to the use of NO2.

Think again before you use it, it does damage your engine, even with limited use it will destroy your pistons (and you cant smoke in the car etc or you shouldnt if you do!) and there have been a few people killed by having this installed in vehicles and vehicles blowing up (engine and just blowing up!)

It does more to your engine than you think (can freeze your pistons literally!!) and engines are not cheap!


N20 wont damage it if you set it up properly.......

and it;ll only bow apart your motor if detonation sets in.

and smokin in teh cars is fine, N20 wont combust itself, it needs a fuel to burn with or insanely high temps....which a fag will not create.

the tanks can blow up if heated toomuch yes....but thats like chuking one in a bon fire!