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Who has a Viper X on a MK2 172

  Silver Fabia vRS

Looking at getting one for my MK2 172 but wanted to know what other people who had fitted them thought.

1) Any discernable change in pulling power?

2) Anyone know if it runs lean with one fitted?

3) Anyone got one setup with an Ecotek device? If so does this make it run lean?

If not anyone with a BMC CDA on a MK2 172?

Any help appreciated,
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI


Doesnt the engine management take care of the fuel mixture ?

BTW the ECOTEK only contirubtes to about 5% of the air intake anyway and aids mods such as induction and exhaust etc.

im actuall developing the kit now!
since there was no kit for the MK2 i am having to go at it alone with the help of GTi engineering in HK.
they sent the wrong bore viper so i am waiting for the replacement next week. WIll let u know how it goes and if it runs lean as im testing it on the rollers as soon as its fitted.

dont know why it should run lean, the closed loop system should take care of that. however, saying that suposedly nicks kit runs very lean!?

Hi Guys, just as a point of interest Ben m8.

the closed loop is not in operation at WOT.. it has a simple table in the ECU.
All Lama look up is ignored at that point.

so it could run very lean at WOT.


in other areas the closed loop will compensate to a certain degree.

noted as you said before.

But its not a ggeneric superchip we are developing which is the good part. It goin to be tailored unlike the ones you get in the UK. Each car will recieve a map from superchips depending on their serial parameters.

LOL Ben..

From my understanding of the ecu..

A Generic chip CANNOT be offered even if desired

The 172 ecu is directly linked to the transponder for the ignition key.

The code for all this is in the ecu eprom. Either the chip must be copied first and then code altered and reinserted, or Superchips can program via the serial port. Apparantly there are many issues with programming the unit, and, a limited number of bytes that can be altered

If the ECU goes to failsafe after programming, its a new ecu or nothing apparantly...

But, the WOT table shouldnt be a problem.....


uh huh, its only really for fine tunning the stock fuelling.
But its the best we can do with limited equipment. Oh we can Ctrl+Alt+Del reset the ECU with our factory computer.

You should see how they guard this computer!!!
if it breaks, we can touch it, a dood from renault france has to come out with a new one the same day and swap them.....and he has another guard with him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

all a bit over done.

MIKE: im gonna be the first it looks like, next week as i said!!!

Ben, perhaps you can answer this for me then.

the programming computer...

Where does it plug in... can you get the connection details (actual pins used on the ecu) - ir is there a service port ?.

What does it allow you to do ??.. can you alter anything.. or just load a new map as supplied by Reno with appropriate checksum ??

Can it calculate a new file checksum ??.

Does it display the security code ??

Can the code be removed ?

Just pondering....


Q:Where does it plug in... can you get the connection details (actual pins used on the ecu) - ir is there a service port ?.

Aervice port yes. On the megane its on the dash. Have not looked at the clios yet. would a pic of the connector be easier as i dont know connector names.

Q:What does it allow you to do ??.. can you alter anything.. or just load a new map as supplied by Reno with appropriate checksum ??

A:Both, but more along the lines of a replacement map. although we can tweek settings if there are a few things wrong like idle, startup etc etc (i think, the guys speak chinese so it was educated guesses, but eh realtime displays are so cool!)

Q:Can it calculate a new file checksum ??.

A: A whatsum?

Qoes it display the security code ??

A: of the ECU?

Q:Can the code be removed ?

Aunno....ill look, but why?

Ive had my car Superchiped about a week ago. the port is below the ashtry on the Mk1. He did requie the parts of the VIN number for he to read the ECU itself. Thats all the help I can give


aint it funny that now when talking to cappy san we ALWAYS end up talking ECUs!!!
sorry, i used to do that all the time with flow theory....we all have our things..haha....sorry, i just find alot of myself in you. (erghhh, that sounded gross)

LOL @ Ben, sounds a bit funny that Capt like you said I wouldnt of thought the standard ECU could have too many of its standard map points changed. But you never know without researching into it. The guys at superchips would definatly know the answer tho.

  ICE'dberg MK2 172

See where youre going on this one.

Shall I fit it and you can see what it does? Might keep it if I do...LOL!

  ICE'dberg MK2 172

Just taken the air box off and offered the Viper up.....MMmmm sounds good. Its going to be easy to fit. Found both the jubilee clips and the rear airbox mount were loose from when Camden had it in when they did the gearbox.....W**K**S.
Have had a good look to see where the cold air feed could go and it would go nicely in the front grill over to the right and just below the tow hole. It wouldnt obscure the radiator so no O/heating probs.

I have fitted a 90mm hose from under the towing eye to the end of the second air intake, this has a damper on the end that must open up at high revs, you have to remove the wheel and the gaurd under the wheel arch to get to it. Im still waiting for the BMC panel filter to drop in, but it seems to improve it a bit as it is, the pipe can be tucked up in the front bumper when there is is risk of flooding. If someone can bring a 4 post ramp to Southend tonight I will show you!