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Who has owned the most cars

Who has owned the most cars???

I have owned 10 cars in total and have only just turned 21! Can any1 else match this sort of amount, i tend to get board very easy with them. The valver has lasted me the longest and it aint leaving me in a hurry!

Cars have been:

Citreon AX 1.1 (lasted 2 weeks and died in a ditch:sick:)

Polo 1.1 (brought for £85 & sold 5 days later for £100)

Cavalier 1.6/1.8 (1.6 lump died so put in the SRi 130 lump, owned for 7 months)

Escort 1.6 lx (Owned for 6 weeks)

Nova SR 1.3 (Sold to a mate, owned for 10 months)

Astra 1.3 (owned for 2 weeks)

Citreon AX GT 1.4 (owned for 5 months)

Fiesta SI 1.4 (owned for 2 months)

Nova SR 1.3 (brought back from mate i sold it to for half the price, owned 3 months)

Clio 16v (Owned for 14months):D

I am also a part owner with my old dear of a 2.0l Pug 306 cab. She pays the insurance and so she gets to drive it most of the time. Bring on the summer!!

Im also just about to buy a dead 5GTT for £100!!


im on my 2nd car,

did have a VW Scirocco 1.8GT but i couldnt get insured on it which was a shame.

now i have a 1.2 clio

Metro (never driven it)

Nova 1.3SR (sold to mate for double what i bought it for)

Clio 1.2 Prima (???)

19 16V executive (spent 12k on it and sold it 2 years later for what i bought it for)

Megane coupe 1.6 16v

Now Clio Cup

ive on my sixth, get bored and find a new one.

mini, fiesta, nova (bad mistake!!!), reno 5 gt turbo, mk2 golf, clio 16v

But im very happy with the clio so ill stick with that for a while, til i can afford the insurance for a scooby

AX GT (3 months)

Nova 1.4SR (8 months)

Clio 16v (6 months and counting)

Im only 19 and hoping to keep the valver for a good long time yet!

Triumph Acclaim 1.3 (excellent)

Metro 1.0 (pants)

Corsa 1.2 (pants with holes in them)

Clio 1.4 16v (cool)

Clio 172 (cooler)

Pug 206 GTi (biggest heap of sh*t ever)

Pug 205 1.9 GTi (dunno, never bloody works!)

Clio Williams (as cool as a 172!)

7 cars in 6 years of driving - thats pretty good going!

1st - Astra 1.4 CDi - got bored! - 7 months

2nd - Nova GSi - put in a ditch - 5 months

3rd - AX GT - fell to bits but was great fun! - 1 year

4th - Saxo 1.1i - got very bored very quickly - 4 months of hell and slowness

5th - Fiesta XR2i 1.8 16v - nice at the time....feels a bit tacky now! - nearly 2 years

6th - Punto GT Turbo - most fun for £4k - year and a half

7th - Clio 172! - remains to be seen!!

Seems that anything over a year is good going for me!
  Clio 200 FF

beat you all but im a bit older though ;)

Escort mk2 ,Escort mk1, Rover 213, Escort mk3, Sierra Saphire, Xr2, Orion, AXGT, Sierra gls, Escort mk4, Xr2 (another), Astra mk3, Rover 216gsi, Astra Sport, Mk3 Golf GTI, Rover 218 coupe, Punto Sporting, Rover 25, Impreza Turbo, Golf mk4, ZR160, Saxo VTR, BMW 525ise, Audi A4t, Vectra SRI, 172


H100, GP100, RD125lc, TZR125, KMX125, GSF600, CBR600, ZX6r, ZX7r, R6


1st: 1.4 orion (first car loved it)

2nd: 1.4 mk3 astra (rolled it at roundabout...oops!)

3rd: 1.6 205 gti (head gasket blew and engine ceased....oops again!)

4rd: 1.6 cvh xr2i (looked after it, sold it to m8, he then wrote it off..cheers ed)

5th :1.8 zetec convertible (head turner, but boring to drive)

6th : clio 16v (pocket rocket!!!!)


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Ive had 10 cars so far...

Fiesta 1.1 Pop Plus, Metro 1.3 City X, Nova 1.3 SR, Maestro 1.3 L, Nova 1.4 SRi, Pug 106 GTi, R5 GT Turbo, another R5 GT Turbo, Clio 1.4 RT & Pug 306 Rallye.

Still got both R5s, the 306 & the Clio, so 4 currently! ;)
  Revels Mum & Sister

Fiesta Mk 1.1 (Sister rolled it for me) 2 months

Nova SR (blew up) - 3 weeks

Nova GTE (loved it, twin 40s, cam)

Clio 16V (had for 6 months so far BEST CAR BY FAR))

I am 19!!



ive had\got

Golf mk1 gti (had)

clio1.2 16v

bmw 318 e30 (have for 2 more days)

mini clubman 1275gt

rover 214gsi (had)

had a

nissan micra(i was young) My mum killed it.:D

1.1 fiesta, lasted for 6 months and failed mot:sick:

Q plate Xr2(k&N and motorsport rocker cover) PX for my dads motor, pushing blue smoke a day before MOT was due;)

C Reg mini(low as F**K, black leather nissan 200SX seats, stage 2 racing engine AP clutch and brakes,MG wheel and a huge webber, bodykit ect):D

AXGT5, nice little car smacked it up someones arse:sick:

OLd black BMW, passed down as family hierloom:cool:

Clio 16v (love it, wanna keep it):devilish:

Ive probably owned the least! Im 23 and have only had two cars:

Mk1 Clio 1.2 Phase2 M-reg 1995. My first car - had it from new. Modified it in later years. Faithful to the last. Sold it to someone who had major problems with it (probably due to his driving style).

Mk1 Clio 16v Phase2 L-reg 1994. Always wanted one just from looking at it when I got the first Clio. Six years later I got one! Tuned and with leather...mmm... Never selling!


ClioSport Club Member
  F31 330d

Panda 750 (write off)

AX 1.1 trs (head gasket went twice)

Astra 1.4 merit (write off + head gasket went)

Pug 106 GTI

Punto GT (write off)

Clio 16v (head gasket went)


Dont seem to have have much luck really!

The clio gave me the most hassle out of them all!

Ford Escort 1.6 (Old type)

RD LC Bike

Ren5 TL

ren5 GTX

Ren5 GTL

Metro Turbo

XT bike

Ren 19

Toyota MR2

Ren Clio Diesel

Ren Clio 16 Valve.

renault 5 1.4 gts blow it up repalced engine then sold it owned for 10 months

Clio 1.4 rt - Owned just under 2 years fully modified

Pug - 205 1.0 xe - just till my policy is up in june (24th) and then

Ordering a 106 gti for the 25 june

In 3 years motoring
  silver valver/hybrid

my mate is 22 and so far we recon he has had 25 cars! his dad has a small repair garage, and if someone bought in a shed which was more expensive to repair they just left it there so my mate had em and run into the ground (or a wall)



84B Mk 2 Astra 1.2 Red

89F Mk 2 Astra 1.3 Silver

90G Mk 2 Astra 1.4 Metalic burgandy!!!

91 J Rover 220 GTi White

96 N Rover 200 Vi Nightfire Red (written off)

98 S Peugeot 306 GTi-6 Black

2000 W Ford Focus 2.0 litre Zetec Black (Company car, lost due to redundancy)

2003 Clio Sport 172 Monaco Blue

Plus a load of crap from work which I had for short periods while I also had my own car. Renault Espace twice, Citreon ZX, Audi 80 Estate!!

Think that about covers it.
  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

1st - 1993 Mk1 VW Golf 1800 SPORT (Owned from January 1998 - June 1999)

2nd - 1999 Opel Corsa 160iS (Owned from June 1999 - June 2001)

3rd - 2001 Renault Clio 1.4 16V (Owned from June 2001 - December 2002)

4th - 2001 Mk1 RENAULTsport Clio 172 (Owned from December 2002 - current)

Here we go....

Mk1 Cavalier Coupe


VW Jetta 1.3

Mk2 Cavalier SRi

Astra Van

205 GE Ahhhhh!

405 SRi

405 GTXi

406 GLX

Xantia SX


ZX Volcane TD

MK2 Golf GTi

MK2 Golf GTi ( TSR Prepaired )


Nova SR

MK2 Cavalier 1.6

MK2 Astra 1.3

Carlton 1.8

Volvo 740 GLT 2.8

Metro 1.0

MK3 Granada 2.0

Escort 1.3

Escort 1.6

BMW 325 Touring

Clio 172 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Clio v6

I have been driving for 24 years.

Austin 1100

Mini 1000

Mini 1275 GT

Mini (1750 HL ) Austin Maxi Engine

Hillman Avenger

Morris Marina 1.3 Coupe

Morris Marina 1.8 DLX

Austin Ambassador VDP

Metro 1.0 L

MG Metro

MG Metro Turbo

Maestro 1.6 ( was skint )

Meastro MG 2.0i

Meastro MG Turbo

Montego 2.0 Mayfair

MG Montego

MG Montego Turbo ( BLew this up )

Astra LS 1.6

Polo 1.6 GLS ( Melted in a month )

Saxo VTS x 3 ( gave up with these, all too slow )

Xsara VTS ( total cack )

Clio 172 Mk1 ( best car ever )

Seat Alhambra 20v T

Clio V6

Lexus IS 200 ( boring but comfy )

1: mk3 escort 1.3

2: MGB 71 roadster


4: Escort Mk3 1.6 laser

5: Fiesta 1.1

6: Astra 1.4 mk3

7: Astra 1.4 mk4

8: Astra mk4 1.8 sport

9: Mondeao 2.0

10: Toyota Celica 2.0 GT

11: Lotus elise S2 (current)

12: Clio sport 172 mk2 (current)

+ CBR 600, GSXR 750, Yamaha R6



Am also 21. cant match 10, christ thought I was bad, about to be on my sixth in 3yrs.

Fiesta 1.1l (6 Mths)

Cinquecento Sporting (Fun but slow, had for 3mths)

Punto Sporting (Fast in Straightline but not round corners had for 11mths, longest have had a car for)

Clio Dynamique (Cool, 9mths)

Clio Extreme (Horrid seats had for 6mths)

Clio 172 (As of 5/4/2003 Best by quite a significant amount!!!)

I knew my advancing years would stand me in good stead one day!

1: Ford Anglia 105E, 2: Hillman Imp, 3: Sunbeam Alpine,4: Royal Enfield Crusader, 5: Austin Mini 1000,6: Fiat 850 Sport, 7:Renault 16 TS, 8: Fiat Strada, 9: Renault 16 TX, 10: Renault 5 TX, 11: Rover 3500, 12: Rover 3500, 13: Rover 3500,14:MGMetro, 15: Volvo 760 Estate, 16: Volvo 760 Estate, 17:Ford Granada Estate, 18: Renault Espace, 19: Land Rover 90 County V8, 20: Renault 19 16v, 21: Renault Espace, 22:Renault Espace. 23:Renault Espace,24: Subaru Impreza Turbo. 25: Subaru Impreza Turbo, 26: Subaru Impreza Turbo, & currently 27,28 & 29 - Renault Clio 172, Renault Scenic Sport, Morgan 4/4 4 seat.

I have been driving since I was 17, and am now just over half way to double figures, so I may well have forgotton one or two.

The most memorable was probably the Sunbeam Alpine - series 2, with the razor edge rear wings, just the thing at 19 - unfortunately, the overdrive broke driving to the first of my finals, not such a good memory.

The most capable of all these, and the best to drive were the Imprezas, but they,re much too common now, - the 172 is fine.


adtmits, you might have driven less cars but they are better ones than me.

Most of mine where cheapos just tro get me around whilst looking for another one.

Also you have a 172 at 21!!! I got a Valver so it shows better to own less cars and save

Two Cars:

MK2 1.2 Nova - Heap of turd, brakes failed and sat at end of road for 5 weeks. Where bumpers, wings, ariel, Bonnet, Lights and wheels were taken over two nights. mmm....Sad really! Made a loss as i had to pay some1 to take it away!

Clio 16v Mreg(current) - Fantastic car. But still, owned her 6 months and have had to spend over 2k to keep on the road, but worth every penny.

1: 950 CC Fiesta in Terracotta Orange (the best colour by far for a Fiesta)

2: MG Metro Turbo (Stolen and found in 2 parts in a ditch)

3: Fiesta 1.1 LX

4: Clio 16V (my first proper fast car)

5: Clio Williams 2 (loved it)

5: R5 GTT (wished I never got rid of it. J reg all white last of the line)

6: R19 16V (Kept breaking down)

7: R19 16V (this did not keep breaking down but I was getting bored of Rs by this time)

8: Alfa 155 Silverstone (Looked the biz - Brit touring car style - but was boring)

9: 1996 Impreza Turbo (wrapped around a tree and my first big accident - learnt a lot!!)

10: 1997 Impreza Turbo Prodrive (was very happy with this car althought the 98 engines suffered from piston slap)

11: 1998 Impreza STI V4 Type R (absolutely fantastic car - fully modded)

12: 1999 Impreza Turbo (the bottom fell out of the import market and decided to offload the Type R before I lost too much money)

13: Saxo VTR (good run around)

14: 2001 Impreza WRX (running 305 bhp now and completely modded) - STILL HAVE TODAY

15: Lotus Elise (Crome orange and luurve it!!) STILL HAVE TODAY

16: Ford Ka (commuting car to the City - Great handling)

17: Clio CUP (love it to bits - Has full exhaust, Konig seats and 17" Speedlines in white!!) STILL HAVE TODAY

18: Subaru Forester STI (280 bhp and bloody quick!!!!) STILL HAVE TODAY

19: Peugeot 205 Rally Car (I am competing in the 205 UK Challenge Championship this year) STILL HAVE TODAY

So 19 cars since 1988 is not bad going I think.

And I still currently have the Impreza, Clio, Lotus, Forester and 205 in the garage and on the driveway. People think Im mad but I say you only live once do what you want to make you happy. AND I AM!!!!!! As a kid, I always wanted loads of cars. I will keep this Impreza and the Lotus forever. I have a list of 5-6 classics I want to collect that I will always keep too!!!

Have a nice day!

  VW Potato

Ive not had that many (erm, cars that is):

Nova SR (three years)

Uno Turbo (three months)

Golf GTi (not even three weeks!)

Golf GTi (18 months)

Golf GTi (about six years)

Alfa GTV6 (five years, owned same time as the Golf above)

C172 (almost a year now, two more to go...)

  Clio 197

TR4, Datsun 510, Datsun 510, Datsun 510, Pontiac Lemans, BMW 320i, Porsche 911S, VW GTi Mk I, VW Gold MkII, VW GTi MK II, Porsche Carrera 3.0, Audi 90 quattro, Austin Healey Frogeye, Porsche 930 turbo, Porsche 930 turbo, Porsche 911 SCRS, Porsche 911 rally car, Ralt RT5, Ralt RT4, Audi 200 quattro, BMW E30 M3, VW Jetts Gli, Mini 1000, Volvo 240 GLT, BMW 525i. BMW M3 Sport Evolution, BMW E36 M3 saloon, BMW M3GT, Mitsubishi Evo VI TM, Willy 3369.

Bikes: Norton Commando 750 Dunstall, Honda VFR1000R, Harley Davidson FXRS, Honda RC30, Norton Commando 750 Dunstall, Harley Davidson FLSTC.

Those are quite some lists!

The only road car ive had is my clio, but ive owned an Abarth 500, Fiesta XR2i and a Mk1 Golf which was converted to a modified GTI.

Lost count but didnt actually own them all. Did nearly 600k over the years as a travelling techie. We had a deal with a lease company whereas it was cheaper to hire the cars for 6k only. Bit of a pain as I had to come in and change my car every 3 to 4 weeks. Got through many, many sierras, cavaliers, 406s, vectras and mundanoes.

Only actually owned a ford festa popular, cavalier sri 130, saab 900 t16, a valver and my willy, which has now done far too many miles and is falling to bits. So it shall be put to grass when I get round to buying a 172.