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Who needs Forza3 or MW2 when you can get this?

  Scirocco 2.0 tsi
I have farmville on facebook, i practically own this game.

Seriously though, some of these crazy simulators are awesome, i remember yearsssssssssssss ago, i had sim ant on the amiga, f**king awesome (you ran an ant colony, and went and owned other ant colonies, and got eaten by big f**king spiders)
  Clio 182
I bet they only had 1 copy in stock to begin with!. That has to be the worst trailer for a game i have ever seen, but i guess it is hard to sell a game that is as pointless as this.

LOL at one of the comments

Possible the worst simulator game i have ever played it is utter rubbish my advice would be to not buy this game!

I have a mate who works on the buses and he is always telling me how great his job is. Well now i can experience his thrills and realise how lucky he is - yet he gets paid for it.
The excitement of this game is unreal, the thrill of seeing a queue of people is unrivalled - knowing that your the only person who can help them. I now know where my mate is coming from and why is always so tired in the evenings. He recommended this game for me as he uses it at weekends to keep things "Ticking over"
At £15, a bargain, roll on Bus Simulator 2009 !!!
ps can we have routemasters and also be able to edit the drivers looks please

Three important things have happened in the history of mankind. We climbed out of the trees. We formed modern society, and now, finally, the ultimate epoch has been reached. Like the black rectangle thing out of 'a space odyssey', like the cure to smallpox, like the second coming of Christ himself, Bus simulator has landed.