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Wifi security issue !

  Skoda Fabia vRS
when i plugged it all in, it gave my setupd the name belkin54g and told me to change it, which i did

however my mobile is still seeing this belkin54g network, and not the name i gave it, and its on my mobile as "security - open network"


all the settings i can see show it as WPA2 is setup
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  Skoda Fabia vRS
ive now renamed it and set it all back up again, as 'belkin54g' and on my mobile its still showing as open network !
  MKIII 138
remove it from your mobile.

do a search for wifi on your mobile and see what SSID/network you can see.

if your router is a netgear it should be named simular with netgear***

then try connect, if it fails it may be that the mobile doesnt support what you need, i havent used a mobile for network at home, at work we use eap-fast, leap.
  Skoda Fabia vRS
removed it, let it find it again, still straight online with no key to enter

took off wpa2 and set up wep, still the same, no key to enter, straight online !

basically anyone walking past with a mobile can currently use my net connection, this isnt secure at all !
Not possible there's another router in the vicinity with the default name of belkin?

Also some routers can have multiple wireless profiles, make sure that you only have 1 of them enabled.
  Skoda Fabia vRS
nah, when i got this mobile the only thing i could pick up was a BT home hub, which had WEP setup, i tried to access it and it asked me for a code which i obviously didnt have

where would i check the profiles ?
  Skoda Fabia vRS
sorted it now ... i went into the setup ip and saw that it was set to auto on the channel setting which ive now changed to a random one ... Mobile now shows wpa2 and ive setup the pass key ... Posting from my mobile now hehe
  Skoda Fabia vRS
thats a serious security flaw which when set to 'auto' on channel it doesnt apply your security settings !

basically most users who wouldnt have checked it would be allowing anyone to use their net connection
  Skoda Fabia vRS
i have an option of filtering mac addresses, should i enable that ?.........if so how can i find out the MAC address of my mobile?!


ClioSport Club Member
  VW Golf GTD
I really don't know how anyone who doesn't know much about computers sets up WIFI, always seams to be so fecking awkward
  Skoda Fabia vRS
setup was easy, it was working in about 5mins from being out the box, its the security i had the problem with, everything told me it was secure but it wasnt!
  Skoda Fabia vRS

i used to build computers, i did em at school, college, and uni, but i lost interest in em about 5 years ago now so i dont know that much anymore, and networking was something i was never taught, we never had more than 1 comp in the house or id have taught myself like most comp stuff i know, or knew lol


ClioSport Club Member
  VW Golf GTD
setup was easy, it was working in about 5mins from being out the box, its the security i had the problem with, everything told me it was secure but it wasnt!

So you do know stuff about computers lol
  MKIII 138
I really don't know how anyone who doesn't know much about computers sets up WIFI, always seams to be so fecking awkward

well it just takes a bit of research to get it right, you can set it up very easy.. but wrongly.

try learning this...

CWNA course / exam i have ..

Radio Frequency Fundamentals
Physical aspects of RF propagation
Types of losses and attenuation that affect RF communications
Types of modulation used for wireless communications
How channels and bandwidth are related to each other in wireless networks
Three types of Spread Spectrum used in wireless networking

RF Math and System Operating Margin
RF units of measure
Basic RF mathematics
RF signal measurements
Understand link budgets
Define and calculate System Operating Margin (SOM)

802.11 Service Sets
Explain three types of service sets defined for use within 802.11 WLANs
Roaming within a WLAN
Load-balancing as a method to improve congestion in WLANs

RF Power Output Regulations
Understand international, regional, and local RF spectrum management organisations
Understand RF channels in the unlicensed 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency ranges
How power output limitations are enforced by the FCC for Point-to-Multipoint (PtMP) and Point-to-Point (PtP) wireless connections

Power over Ethernet
Recognise the two types of devices used in Power over Ethernet (PoE)
Recognise the differences between the two types of Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE)
Understand the two ways in which power can be delivered using PoE
Understand the importance of planning to maximise the efficiency of Power over Ethernet

Wireless LAN Operation
Ad Hoc networks
Infrastructure networks
Bridged networks
Repeater networks
Mesh networks
WLAN switched networks
Enterprise Wireless Gateway networks
Enterprise Encryption Gateway networks
Virtual AP networks
Evolution of WLAN architectures
WLAN Management

WLAN Security
Security Policy and Procedures
Legacy 802.11 Security Components
802.11i Security Components
Baseline Security Practices (SOHO, SMB, Enterprise)

802.11 Analysis and Troubleshooting
Introduction to 802.11 Protocol Analysis
802.11 Data Frames
802.11 Control Frames
802.11 Management Frames
Frame Fragmentation
Power Saving operations
Transmission Rates

Coordinating 802.11 Frame Transmissions
Differences between CSMA/CD and CSMA/CA
Distributed Coordination Function (DCF)
Quality of Service in 802.11 WLANS

Antenna characteristics and behaviours
Types of antennas commonly used with WLANs
Advanced antenna systems
Antenna placement and mounting
Antenna safety
Types of antenna cables, connectors, and accessories

What is Site Surveying?
Understanding the need for a site survey
Defining business requirements and justification
Facility analysis
Interviewing network management and users
Identifying bandwidth requirements
The need for spectrum analysis
What are manual RF site surveys?
What are predictive site surveys?
The challenges of dense AP deployment

then this..

Branch Office / Remote Office WLAN Security Technology and Solutions

* General vulnerabilities
* Preshared Key security with RSN cipher suites
* Passphrase vulnerabilities
* Passphrase entropy and hacking tools
* WPA/WPA2 Personal - how it works
* WPA/WPA2 Personal - configuration
* Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)
* Installation and configuration of WIPS, WNMS, and WLAN controllers to extend enterprise security policy to remote and branch offices

Enterprise WLAN Management and Monitoring

* Device identification and tracking
* Rogue device mitigation
* WLAN forensics
* Enterprise WIPS installation and configuration
* Distributed protocol analysis
* WNMS security features
* WLAN controller security feature sets

Enterprise WLAN Security Technology and Solutions

* Robust Security Networks (RSN)
* WPA/WPA2 Enterprise - how it works
* WPA/WPA2 Enterprise - configuration
* IEEE 802.11 Authentication and Key Management (AKM)
* 802.11 cipher suites
* Use of authentication services (RADIUS, LDAP) in WLANs
* User profile management (RBAC)
* Public Key Infrastructures (PKI) used with WLANs
* Certificate Authorities and x.509 digital certificates
* RADIUS installation and configuration
* 802.1X/EAP authentication mechanisms
* 802.1X/EAP types and differences
* 802.11 handshakes
* Fast BSS Transition (FT) technologies

Hands-on Practical Labs

* Wi-Fi Packet Analysis and MAC address Spoofing
* Demonstrate the vulnerabilities of EAP - Cisco Wireless (LEAP) for secure wireless networking
* Rogue Hardware and Default Settings for WLAN equipment
* RF Jamming and Data Flooding
* Peer-to-Peer attacks and corporate Information Theft
* Wireless Hijacking and Denial of Service (DoS)
* Employing WEP
* Cracking WEP encryption - determining the WEP key and accessing WEP-encrypted user data
* Wireless Bridging Security - WPA-PSK
* WLAN Controller Security
* Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems (WIPS)
* Using Laptop Analysers
* Fast BSS Transitions (FT)
* Implementing VLANs using Wireless LAN controllers and Cisco Catalyst layer-2 switches
* Implementing dynamic, role-based VLANs using Microsoft IAS and other RADIUS servers
* Implementing RADIUS authentication with Microsoft Internet Authentication Service (IAS)
* Using Microsoft Certificate Services
* Implementing EAP-TLS, PEAP-MSCHAPv2 and PEAP-EAP-TLS using Microsoft IAS and Microsoft Certificate Services
* Implementing 802.1x with EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS and Protected EAP (PEAP) on Microsoft Windows XP using Group Policy

which i also have :)

when you get to orthaganol frequency division multiplexing and get stuck give me a shout ;)


ClioSport Club Member
  VW Golf GTD
Fair one, I have an A level in computing far as it goes TBH, most the people i try helping can't send an email lol.
  MKIII 138
Fair one, I have an A level in computing far as it goes TBH, most the people i try helping can't send an email lol.

well i did crap at school only managed to get on a AGNVQ in I.T which i passed (lots of copying lol) started to smarten up a bit at uni doing information systems, then did a work based CCNA, now done the two above. its been a crap experience working in I.T but knowlage is power, it feels crap not knowing how things work, certainley hasnt come easy.

funnily the two people i knew who manged to get on A.level and got distinctions went to the same uni and got onto computer science course and passed with flying colours..

one works in blockbusters,
one works in halfords,

both are 30 like me

just for the info lol