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Will a 182 exhaust fit in the back of a 182?

  Peddled device
New exhaust being fitted tomorrow but l think the OE one fitted at the mo is in good nick (Being done at Birchdown so the guys will give me an honest opinion). There have been a few guys asking about it so l want to bring it home if its okay.Will it fit in the 182? (From the CAT back)
If its not cut it will be a tight fit. Probably have to move the passenger seat around and see if it will squeeze past.
  Nimbus Megane R26
yes, but will need backseats completly flat and will prob hang over your shoulder/handbrake area. It is heavy as f00k. I have a miltek catback which i could hold with one hand, but the orig exhaust must be made of lead, its 3 times as heavy!

What exhaust you gone for pal?
  Peddled device
Janspeed Super Sports as viewed on Darren S' 182 a few weeks much better looking and sounding than the OE one...and lighter too.Eibach springs are also going on...and a 5 year service.