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Willams/16v Bumpers On 1.2 Can It Be Done?

Hi all, im trying to convice a fellow clio owner to turn his 1.2 mk1 clio into a 16v/willams replica or as close to.. just a few questions needed to be asked..

1) Are the bumpers as simple as a bolt off/bolt on job to fit?

2) Are the wings needed for the mounting of the front bumper?

3) What parts are needed so far i know of:
  • Bonnet
  • Grill
  • Bumpers (front/rear)
  • Spoiler
  • exhaust
  • alloys
Any help on this matter would be most appriciated.
Mark (clikidmk1)
  '92 172, Lotus Elise
new bonnet, front bumper and wings.

the grill is the same iirc (unless you want to change phase)

spoiler is good too :).

The rear bumper, however, is not as straightforward as the rear arches are wider on a willy. some filler or something might be required :/.

the bumpers do just bolt on and off, couple bolts on the side and 2 underneath and 1 in the centre behind the numberplate.

The bonnet is fairly straight forward ;).

Once the bumper is off, you can see where the wings need to be unscrewed at the front and along the top (there is a hidden bolt under the plastic lining where the washer bottle/jack sits etc...). Take the splash linings off and you will see a bolt to the rear (near the door). there will also be a bolt at the bottom of the wing, along the sill. There may be a screw there too and i normally have to just yank that out as you cannot get to the head.

Hope this helps :)
  Striped track ****
yeah got the bonnet wings and front bumper on mine
for the rear just get it colour coded

much easier
  mk1 Hybrid - 13.7@100 mph
all will fit but rear bumpoer it will fit but it looks really stupid cuz it sticks out to fat as the archs are not so wide. ive tried this before
  V6 engined Mk3 Astravan
i got the rear bumper on no problem :S


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