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Williams Brake pads


  V6, Trackhawk, GTS
Rite inbetween: Red Stuff, Ferodo DS2500 and The mintex one's

Got hoses and fluid.

Opinions and alternatives!


  BMW M3 & Williams 3
Ds2500 are the nuts, but the Mintex performance pads (for the money - £22) are brilliant.


  V6, Trackhawk, GTS
Cheapest i seen the mintex was 38?!

Where can you get the ferodo's? Cheap cheap! ;) I'm scottish.
mintex are old skool, good and cheap pads.

DS2500's have never impressed me that much.

Try the cheap s**t, and if its s**t, at least you knew it was cheap.....not expensive and s**t.
Ferrodo FDB 845 are stock I had no trouble until I went to Bedford which is hard on brakes and for £17 you cannot complain.
  Twingo 133
I was always very happy with the Pagid fast road pads which you can get from gsf for £30