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Williams Vs. corrado VR6

i went with my VeeDub mate yesterday to have a look at his next car, its a corrado VR6, 2.9 12v V6, it has had AMD chip, throttle head flowing......blah blah blah its running 200bhp and 195 lb/ft. we expected this thing to be a rocket, he took us for a test drive and it didnt blow us away?!?! im pretty confident my williams should keep up with it, am i wrong? They do 0-60 in mid 6s as standard so i dont know, but it certainly didnt feel very special. BUT this thing handled AMAZINGLY, it has some german shock and spring package and it was going round corners very very well. My clio is on coilovers, my mates old G60 was too so im no stranger to good handling but this thing was unbelievable! should i be worried?

Yes, the corrado whilst not being the best looking thing in the world was a good handling car, the best of the golfs bits. Performance should be safely better than yours too, its a league ahead to be honest. Youll probably have more fun going round the corners but your mate wont be slower.
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....i beleive the Corrado VR6 was commonly known as VWs Ferrari!................then they stopped making it?!?!?! :confused:
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Off the line should be close(ish) but the torque from the V6 will pull away id have thought quite strongly. Ive never raced one and was recently considering buying one. Quite high insurance, and fuel bills put me off (not that mine are cheap!). The rear spoiler moves with higher speeds like the porsche 911s. I think they look fantastic and hold their value very well. Its VERY hard to find a low mileage good condition one for sale because the owners dont want to get rid of them!

Lovely cars, and they have the bigger 2.9 V6 as apposed to the 2.8 in the golfs. You sit really low in them and apparently (and as you say) they handle very well. Their quarter mile time - according to quarter mile rivals website - is around 15.1 or maybe a bit slower? but im sure thats not where they excel (weight), but in gear acceleration times and top end will be good.

Well we managed to find one with 77k(low mileage in VW world!) that was immaculate, it was in showroom condition, the guy was an old enthusiast who was only selling it because he had divorced wife, it went on sale at 9pm on tuesday, it was sold by 7pm on wednesday! but he did pay well over the odds for it because of its condition, mods etc. Will post results of comparisons as soon as license is back!
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Cool. sounds like he got a nice one! Those V6s would last a long time id have thought. Well over 100,000 and beyond...

Get him to have a look on for peoples opinions (owners) who talk about their car and problems theyve had so he knows what to expect. I read on a few that the radiator has issues have a read....

Woah, Woah Woah.... hang on one god damn minute...

The corrado VR6 aint that fast. Its 0-60 time is about 7.5 seconds not 6.5.

This was the other car I was seriuosly looking at before I chose the williams. I just couldnt find a nice one for the money I had.

I absolutely love them, they are a classic already in my opinion, esp the Vr6 storm editions that have the leather interior and all the toys.

In terms of performance though they are no Williams beaters, and thats a fact.

yeah, as i said, he is a proper VeeDub head, owned a G60, Mk1 GTi, MK2 GTi, MK3 VR6, corrado he knew what to look out for. The noise from these engines though......jesus christ

Quote: Originally posted by DanG on 27 March 2003

Woah, Woah Woah.... hang on one god damn minute...

The corrado VR6 aint that fast. Its 0-60 time is about 7.5 seconds not 6.5.

This was the other car I was seriuosly looking at before I chose the williams. I just couldnt find a nice one for the money I had.

I absolutely love them, they are a classic already in my opinion, esp the Vr6 storm editions that have the leather interior and all the toys.

In terms of performance though they are no Williams beaters, and thats a fact.
the only differnce between the storm is heated leathers i believe. and there were only 500 made. i know they do mid 6s to 60 in standard trim though. Having said that, it did NOT feel very special yesterday, defo didnt feel like a 6 second car, the handling did blow me away though, the one point i thought i would slap him on. as i said will have to compare them, but im feeling fairly confident!

I swear down these cars dont do 6.5 secs to 60.

Look on the car comparison thing on the cliosport homepage, their book speed is 7.7 secs to 60....

They are great cars and Id defintiely have one, but they wont beat a williams... which is one of the reasons why I got a williams.

Trust me.

ok mate. Im just going from what i have read and what my mate says, and if anyone knows about VW its him. we can only find out though, either way it should be pretty close between us, especially on the twisties!!

mine has chip, zorst, de-cat and modified air box with piperX panel filter mailto:145BHP@wheels was">145BHP@wheels was RRd at 137bhp before chip and with performance sapping IK)

VR6 has flowed throttle head, chip cat back zorst. mailto:160bhp@wheels">160bhp@wheels proven

True... 7.7 secs is for a standard VR6, if its had mucho mods then maybe itll go like stink.

I suppose the proof of the pudding will be in the handforth bypass.

Good luck mate.

Clean 16v: was it 145bhp at the wheels?? Ive never heard of a 16v make that much at the wheels.

Mine, with head, cams, chip etc made 128bhp at the wheels (with a blowing exhaust and dodgy ignition!;)) - which is what a number of others with similar mods seem to make. That is, of course, apart from BenJs stormer.

lol, im sorry Rhys, williams engined valver, couldnt afford the real thing.

Blatant lie, couldnt afford to INSURE the real thing!
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Alright Clio heads!

Im The geezer who is buying the Corrado VR6.......tell you the truth i think it will be a close race......I might nick my mates williams at the top end......but lets just wait and see.
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Ahh, whats your mate done with his G60 then? That was a nice one! Not as quick as i expected but in a nice colour, subtle nice wheels, tints. :cool:

Hes the guy who goes to the multi aint he?

Quote: Originally posted by Simon172 on 27 March 2003

Quarter mile rivals say: 0-60 in 6.4, 0-100 in 17.7 and quarter mile in 15.1 at 93 mph standard
I dont like to nit pick, but Ive seen this link loads and its a bit fishy. I think someone has got the bhp and weights for the cars and then calculated them in some sort of formula.

Some cars are listed as faster than I remember and others a lot slower.

The Williams gets a 1/4 mile of 16.1, the same as a VTS (I would be disappointed with that in a 16v). In turn, the 16v is listed with a 0-60 of 8.6 and 1/4 of 16.7 secs - right next to the Ford Escort XR3, Pug 106 Rallye and Ssannyong Musso 2.2 4WD thingy!!!!!!!!!! Sounds more like a Mk1 RSi to me.

The legendary Lancia Delta Turbo 4WD is listed as the same as the Willy (never, ever!) and the SEAT Ibiza Mk1 Cupra 2.0 (a beast) is even slower than the time given for the Valver!!

There are some very odd figures there!

I have the autocar test where the Willie got 7.7 to 60 and it was Done in the Wet!! The car did 30-70 in 6.9secs and was a new car needing run in. Autocar say both the things gave what they thought was a highish 0-60 figure.

The Corrados are gorgeous but got discontinued according to a VW mag I read because Britain was the only country that really liked them. Sales everywhere else were supposedly low. G60 would be nice!

I think the main rival at the time was the Vauxhall Calibra, which i see a lot of, so maybe that took away most sales and led to its demise?

Yeah the Vauxhall Calibra!:confused: Not really worth of a mention in the same sentince as Corrado LOL only my opinion tho!;)

Calibras are gash.

I remeber when they came out and one of the big selling points was that it had this really small drag coefficient which was meant to mean it was the fastest thing going.... my arse.

Although the turbo version was rapid.

I suppose we will all have to wait till clean16vs mate gets a VR6 and he does a few comparisons.

he has already got it mate! just need my darn license to be sent back to me and i can drive!!! will try not to get banned this time:oops:
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My mate has a Mk2 golf 2.8VR6 coilpack engine (190bhp)

IMO it could easily keep up with a 172

(oh god i might of started a row!!!)
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I am going to get a VR6 Corrado as my next car- I will be selling the 1.4 in a few months time probably.

190bhp is standard max and they sound unreal with a decent induction system.

  williams and trophy

rite my mate has a mk3 golf vr6 with superchip and zorst mods only.

i can honestly say that 0-60 he would have my williams.......well both of em lol and they are the 2 faastest timed ones in uk last year that i know of

so i reckon the corrado would have you really

I had to VR6s many years ago. The first one was a dud, the second one a gem. I still have the original Performance Car issue from 1994, where they test it against the Prelude Vtec and the Calibra V6. The Corrado comes up tops. 0-60 in 6.7, 30-70 in an astounding 5.7 seconds. Awesome.
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Alright ppl......Just thought I would post some figures for the standard Corrado VR6.....Im going to pick mine up next week sometime and when clean16v finishes his ban we will put the cars head to head down the bypass!

My mods include a AmD re-chip, Enlarged and gas flowed throttle body and a full through (CAT Back) zorst. It has been recorded on the rollers as having 206BHP with 198 foot pounds of torque.

Corrado VR6 (Standard)

Power/weight (bhp/ton) = 160BHP

Top Speed = 146mph

0 - 60 between 6.8 and 6.4

standing 1/4 mile 15.1 @ 93mph

30-50 in 2nd = 2.6s in 3rd = 4.0s in 4th = 6.3s

30 - 70 through gears = 5.7s

50 - 70 in 3rd = 3.9s in 4th = 6.4s in 5th = 8.1s

70 - 90 in 3rd = 5.3s in 4th = 6.5s in 5th = 9.5s

these figures are form Auto car magasine.....would be interesting if any one could post on similar figures for Willy!