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Willy engine combination

  Hillclimb Williams
So, i bought a hillclimb williams almost a year ago and slowly getting it back on the road. But here is the problem: its engine is a combination of laguna, williams and 1.8 16v.
it has 2.0 16v laguna engine block(dont know why) with williams parts and f7p manifold. What i really want to know is why do people put f7p manifold on williams engine(which i saw in a few places), and what is relation between laguna and williams block, in which part is it better/worse?
also, what are original williams spark plug wires? i have bougicord ones and not sure if they are original or aftermarket.
and it has "custom made" lets say, straight pipe rally exhaust. lets assume it has been made properly, which im not really sure, but if has been, how does it affect to the engine power?
everything combined gives brutal compression, and with this new siemens electronic, around 170hp, at least the man who sold it told me that.
and a question not related to this theme: how can one distinguish f7r engine from 1.8 16v? and by that i mean does it have anything different that can be seen from the top?
  clio dci , ren8
Cant be a 2.0 16v laguna bottom end of that era as they ran a Volvo derived engine , & your 18 16v head would not fit ,

Coops Mk1

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  Lots of Scrap...
I think he means a megane 2.0 16v block which is a direct fit to F7P or F7R from the clios

Coops Mk1

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  Lots of Scrap...
the engines look identical from the top bar the Williams has a tubular manifold, the valver has a cast one

the fact this bloke has 'told you' what it is and you mention it has a valver manifold on it makes me think he could of pulled a fast one and its a 1.8 lump in there.

there should be a plaque on the front right (as you look from front of the car) of the block, near the dipstick, should say F7R on it. this still doesn't 100% mean it is a F7R though, simple job to rivet the wrong plaque on.

best bet is to get it running and pop it on the rollers, should be able to see easily what it is then
  Hillclimb Williams
Cheers guys for the info!
Would love to pop it on the rollers but unfortunately there isn't any dyno in my town :(
Well, the guy who sold it is not very reliable, (not really sold it, but gave it as he owed money to my dad and couldn't pay, so this was the only option) so i cant be sure either way, but definitely will listen to your advice and check if there are any signs of any plaque there.
also the guy who has driven it before me(and it is not the same guy who sold it) said that the car was great on every rally surface just like a real deal, so hoping that it still is.
and as it is a race car, it doesnt show how fast are you going, so i cant determine how much it takes it to reach 100kph, there are only my calculations and nothing else unfortunately.....
almost forgot, posted some pics in the projects thread, so hoping that you would like it lol