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Willy V’s Punto GT

  TT 225

Sorry, i just stole this off another message board. Comments please!

Well, well, well - this was the race alot of pple have been waiting to see for a long time........ here are the facts b4 pple go shooting their mouths off ! ! !

Punto GT -
Driver: Chris
Engine: 1.4 8v Turbo - pipercross induction. (non-chipped)
Bhp: 145
0-60mph: 8 secs (est)
Wheel size: 17" (14" standard)
Passengers: 2
Combined weight of passengers: 30 stone

Williams Clio -
Driver: Ian
Engine: 2.0 16v - Williams prepared
Bhp: 150
0-60mph: 7 secs
Wheel size: 14" (standard size)
Passengers: 3
Combined weight of passengers: 28 stone

Now I have set ure minds on the facts and figures of the cars, can any of u guess wot happened next ? ? ? Well Im gonna tell u anyway ! ! ! Some of u may have already drawn ure own conclusions of wot happened next having examined the figures I have provided above - but let me just take a moment to explain.........

1st & 2nd gear - the Clio won, although the Punto was running on 17s (a big disadvantage as the gearbox is set up to run on 14s !).... This resulted in the Punto been beaten from the lights

top of 2nd gear, all of 3rd and 4th gear - the Punto won (without dispute, the Clio simply could not catch it - yes, it was not left for dust, but there was no way it was ever gonna go past ! ! !)

Top speed - I think without a doubt, the Clio would win, afterall it is a 2.0, and theres no replacement for displacement ! ! !

So boys, there u have it, bet some of u are quite amazed now aint ya ! ! ! And just to set the record straight - THAT CLIO AINT VERY QUICK 4 A 2.0 ! !

me thinks craggy will tell u this one as he owns both.... so hell tell u if thats talking sh*te or not!

besides stats mean sh*te.... if u i was racing my valver againt someone like michael shumacher in an rsi, hed probably still kick my ass although the cars slower!
  TT 225

hehehe, thats what i posted in response to it on the message board it came from :) but in fewer words, lol

Guess i should just wait for Craggys response then :)

yeah have to ask craggy about this one

but me thinks the willy driver was not drving it as he should.

the acc of a willy in every gear is near on mental or the gt has been fettle with as its very very easy to get extra power out of a turbo#

ill like to race this punto, never raced one but certainly not scarred of them, not scarred of nothing at the moment the way my car is running now


"that clio aint very quick for a 2.0 "

that really pisses me off. dfissing one of the best hot hatches ever like this is not on.

punto turbo aint exacly lightning either is it,

  mk2 172

hmm, toughy that one, that sounds about right.....ish. the punto cant get off the line in the real world like the willy can so yes its a victory for the willy upto 70ish. i know someone running a gt on 18 psi and notches up 15.3 on the 1/4 mile with loads of attempts, whereas MY willy would do that as a minimum. i know some willys dont go like mine though. but from a rolling start a gt with upped boost would take most willys, but then, have you ever driven a punto?, add corners to the equation and its a hands down victory. i cant say how good it feels to sit behind the wheel of the clio compared to the punto, youd have to do it yourself. so in a straight line a puto with 145bhp would top end many a willy but i doubt it would take me out.
  mk2 172

and as for the not quick comment, doesnt a turbo effectively multiply displacement by 1.7?????, so that about 2.3 for the punto
  Audi S3

Ive been in the pasanger seat of a punto turbo! and well when in the pasanger seet of my car (Due to hangova) my 16V feels a bit faster. and as far as i know a willy is faster still.

one thing though theres not indication of the condition of the engines either and (god forbid) the willy engine may not be in the best of state!

  silver valver/hybrid

ive raced a mildly modified punto gt in my standard 16v and it was absolutly spot on! rolling start of about 20, to about 80 and it was like we were both not moving at all! i would think even a standard willy would dust one with no probs at all.

I used to have an uno turbo which was completely standard and i am sure that it was soooo much quicker than my valver, once my turbo kicked in that car was untouchable. Not sure if this is my tainted view on events, but thats what i think, thos 1.4 turbo units are quick.

1.4 litre turbo = dispacement of 1.4^2 = 1.96l so nearly a 2l engine

What do you think?

Uno Turbo -
Driver: Me
Engine: 1.4 8v TurboBhp: 118at fly -151.3bhp tonne
0-60mph:7.7 secs manufacturers figures
Wheel size: 14"

16v Clio -
Driver: Me
Engine: 1.8 16v - Full Janspeed exhaust Bhp: 140(est) fly - 143 bhp tonne
0-60mph: 7.7 manufacturers figures
Wheel size: 15"

dont understand the controvesy here ??.. of course it will be similar..

there is so much crap talked generally about it was quicker at this speed I was 2 car lengths ahead I manged to pull xyz lengths ahead etc etc..

If a car is simlar weight to power with a similar driver, it will have similar performance overall..

the difference is often in 10ths of seconds or 1-2 seconds overall.. hardly noticble on the road..

go on a strip if you want to compare them.. and the same driver is needed for a good comparison..

often 10 bhp - 20 bhp will make little noticable difference on the road, but WILL be noticable on the times .. if timed accurately..

as for the turbo and ccs etc.. that is not relavent, its simply the bhp / torque and where in the rev range it is produced.

Yes, its a sad fact of life that your car will never be the quickest..

and spending hundreds of pounds on a few bhp here and there will also make no real world difference.. apart from noise..:confused:

For once, I must agree with our resident repect of .. on the strip the bullsh*t ends... and those guys spend lots of dosh to gain a mere few tenths of a second.

  TT 225

Thanks for that Joe, didnt mean to cause controversy, Im still a beginner (but learning!) when it comes to turbos etc. and just wondered on the general concensus of the above


Hi Kelly, no probs.. its just that some seem to think adding a few bhp here and there is gonna transform the performance of the car, it doesnt.. as you quite rightly say, the 2 cars are similar.. so is a nova if the power to weight is correct, and a skoda, and a rusty old escort van.. again if enough power is applied.

We are all clio fans here, but some have to accept that the car they drive is still just an average performing car.. and a traffic light grand prix or a blast around milton keynes does not prove superiority in any respect..

ps, great to have met you the other week...

  Renault Laguna Coupe

Val lined up against a Punto GT at York yesterday & blew him away. He clearly wasnt happy and we didnt see him again!