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Willy vs VTS the results

Nope....the VTS pulled ahead every time. Not by as much as Craggys Willy used to beat my 172, but it was definitely ahead. The Willy is totally standard with 81000 miles on the clock. My Williams isnt as quick as Craggys, but it also still has a Cat on it, standard chip and standard exhaust. Although by the looks of it, standard vs. standard, the Willy handles better!

I reckon its about time that people give the VTS a bit of credit......

  clio 20v

come on dont be holdin out i assume if it won ud have sed so but i bet even you was hopin it didnt hehe

my motor has gone in today for the willy engine i want to know how much im gonna beat u by

im missin my car though havin to smoke round in my work van, managed to scalp a nissan micra in it though haha
  clio 20v

i think craggy has got a knack of buying super fast motors then although now me getin beat in the valver doesnt seem as bad

i will return though in the willy engined beast i will not be beat


Although I must say that Craggy has a brutal gear change action which I bet helps. Im not that great at matching revs to gear changes...I was rubbish at it even with a gear change light!


yea, Craggy should drive the Williams, and someone else should drive the VTS...

OH! Maybe Craggy is the Stig from Top Gear?!?!

  clio 20v

playing with the ap-22 has made me realise that a bad gearchange can really affect ur time, ive been takin it to work wiv me in the van to have a proper mess with it

also sprained my wrist doing full throttle gear changes hehe

its not much quicker doing no clutch changes as u still have to lift and its still hard to get in and requires practise

arnt company vehicles great
  mk2 172

yeah mate, the willy is definately less nervous on the fast corners, but if people read back i said when i got the saxo it a bit more twitchy than the williams at long sweeping bends, i wasnt sure whether to risk the arse sweeping out, so i had to compensate by taking the racing line on the wrong side of the for me lol
  mk2 172

ah yeah, can i just say, and i think rhys will agree, the vts 5-7k power pand is brutal, well it is on ky 52 plate one anyway, you can feel the screaming power, best off when it hits the power you can feel it gaining. a serios drag racing tool really, and it seems to be getting faster as it loosens up, done 1500 miles now............
  clio 20v

craggy- when i was in the car with you doing ap-22 runs urs seems a bit more strangled for the last 500 rpm or so than my mates 106 gti which just flys into the limiter

so im sure it will probably loosen up a bit more and will get a bit quicker

if i cant beat u in my willy engines beast though im getin a lambo hehe

I wouldnt be lying if I said that I coud hear the final couple of thousand revs of the VTS and see it pull on me at the same time. It really does scream where the Willy roars! Just gotta have some better seat in that VTS, craggy.... ;)

Where are those vids then?

Those saxo seats are awful - my mate used to own a VTS and if we went over 50 miles our backs were acheing. Great car though. He suffered a very leaky sunroof and occasionaliy random bits would fall off or come loose. He had it from new and it handled very well.
  mk2 172

adi, glad for you as well mate so its eased the pain of defeat, least it proves your is quick, works out bout right really, yours is modded with a healthy power output, as quick as clean16vs chipped,zorst,de-cat inuction machine, and rhyss is a totally standard williams. so there about what there should be considering 16vs and willy arent to disimilar on paper

saxo vts aint exactly hard to beat, absolutely decimated one on my way home from work last nite in my polo, which is 1.3 (supercharged, but still no more than 120 hp)

The polo is 113BHP/11ft/lbs of torque

top speed of 122 with a 0-60 of 8.1

VTS 120BHP /107lbs of torque

Top speed of 127 with a 0-60 of 7.7

Sure you did ;) I think if the VTS had tried youd have been pretty level.

in all the videos the saxo starts from behind, both already moving. how did u both know when to go?? cause surey the willy would have to see the saxo gaining b4 he started so the saxo already had a head start on momentum over the willy ??????????


like i said on other thread i ainbt got nothing to say on the matter now and well done and a big pat, no make a big slap on your back mate.

guess il have huge probs racing my bros gti 106 when he gets one

i cant see the vids. for some reason


I know Nick, he asked me if those vids are on my site which they are but i dont knw where he got the idea that the williams in that clip is fast than the VTS. I think he must have mis understood something I said

if we go back to the original races. the craggy vs paddy video. paddy toasts him!!! and jons willy filming runs up his ass!

and jons willy beat paddy once and visa versa so theres no way the vts would win just from that alone!! something def wrong with the power of that willy there!!
  mk2 172

ben, to your first question, rhys was sticking his foot down first, we came to this arrangement after i realised from our first race that i had the edge, thought id would be more entertaining for me to give chase, comparing jons williams is rediculous,its a freak, it does the ton in a tad over 15 seconds on good ground. the williams official 0-100 is 21 secs, i reckon i can see 19-20. most people in 16v that have played with williams tend to do ok upto 80, well iv raced 3 16v,s now, caned two and beat adis which is a very good one, with 120 horses or more at the wheels after de catting and zorsting. it was on par with cleans which also has a chip. dont think i need to race anymore now, i know aarons is very fast and fair dos if hed beat me, his seems to be a one off which i can handle, apparently it doesnt stand for all 16vs. maybe i should play with mine to make it fairer, i hear the vts engine responds rather well to simple breathing mods........

wongy, i want a play with a stage 2 16v next he he, might be my comeuppance