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Windows 7 and bt homehub V3

  Lunar Mk1 & Flamer
Really starting to wind me up now, i keep loosing wifi on 2 laptops on 2 different Bt homehubs. Both V3 (my home one and mother in laws hub)

have changed the channels on both. from the "nososmart" wifi to channel 2 from 11

My Samsung Galaxy S3 and My other halfs ipad/htc are both unnaffected yet, my laptop (Toshiba Ultrabook) and my partners netbook (asus aspire one) both drop connection frequently.

really annoying

only way to resolve it is to disable the adapter and re-enable it... this then works for a few moments then i loose connection again.

Any suggestions.

Why are "mobile" devices unaffected?
  200 Gordini No.159
I hate, and I mean I hate BT homehub's. There just scrap plastic.

BT decided to send me a homehub which I plugged in, within 10mins I was off to PC world to buy a linksys cisco e300 router

Buy a new router!

In the mean time use channel 6.