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Wirring up a horn on a momo steering wheel and boss

  182Cup, MinesGTR R35
* Is it just a case of wiring up the red wire that comes out of the steering column (boss) to the red wire on the back of the horn and then the black wire that comes out of the steering column (boss) to the black wire on the back of the horn??? The boss kit also came with a meatal ring that goes inbatween the steering wheel and the boss wich has a male lug on it..? Does the black wire on the back of the horn conect up to that male lug on the supplied braket, and also the black wire runnin up from the steering column???

* Have read that alot of people have had problems and there red wire went up in smoke...

Please somone help...
  182Cup, MinesGTR R35
Somone must know!!! All these guide's on here on how to remove/fit a new steering wheel but then when it comes down to how to wire up the horn, no info. Just says connect the horn up. Great info, not.
Not a verry good guide at all as its all common sens but the horn part... I tought it was just a case of wiring red to red black to black but then there is this part wich came with the hub with a grounding male lug on. And the instructions which came with the boss are well not very good...
  182Cup, MinesGTR R35
My MOMO Steering Wheel (below) has three small horn buttons with a red and black wire coming out of each horn which goes into one red and one black wire... It does not have a tipical big round central horn like most of them... So do I just cut the old conector of the original horn which is in the steering wheel (the gray connector) and conect it up to the red and black wire coming from my horns and then plug both conectors back up as the original horn was???

  172 cup
Hi im an auto electrician and fitted a momo sterring wheel kit to my 172 cup track car today.
The horn problem is a simple fix

simply connect the original black horn cable to the Earth lug on the Horn button and the original red horn cable to the other terminal L.

DO NOT connect the supplyed Earth strap(cable) to the car in anyway throw it in the bin as this will just couse a direct fault and burn the wiring out :/

Also connect the supplyed 2amp fused cable woth 2.7 ohm ressitor to one of the airbag sensors and buy a 2.7 ohm ressister for the other sensor and connect this in the same way and tape them up.

mine all works perfectly simples :)

please dissonect the batterie when carrying out this work

Hope this helps