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wot kit on an m reg 1.4rt

The Corsa/F2/Maxi kits look unlike any other kits - like the car was just made like that in all its glory. Takes the Clio 16v/Willy idea of very big arches, but subtle looks and makes it about twice as big! (y)

Do it - but beware the cost of having it done properly: £1000-£1500 retail for a kit, then another £1-2k for proper fitting and painting so it wont flake off in 6 moths time like most kits. And then theres going to have to be at least 17" wheels, bigger brakes and major spacers on anything but a 16v/Willy so the wheels fill the arches (they have wider tracks, and even they need spacers!). Then theres the interior too - anything but leather or buckets will let the side down!!!

Youre really looking at £4000 just for the kit/wheels - and then some!!

But please do it - what the world needs now is more Maxi Clios!!

dont think that is necessarily true cost wise yes the kit is expensive at 850 but then i can fit the kit myself and smooth it all in before having it a complete blowover in the same colour and if i do all the prep work etc that should keep costs down as for wheels any suggestions on this matter would be v much appreciated as in wot sort of spacers i would need etc

If you can do as much work as possible then good on ya mate - I guess you have the skills/tools to cut off the old arches/smooth the new ones on? I actually think that you can cut just below the rear windows of the car and blend the arches in there, rather than having to take the whole rear panels off at the roofline/doors/lower sills.

If you do some of the work yourself then the quality is obviously going to be the best as well as you can be arsed to put the time in.

Dimma sell a wide arch kit for the Clio and used to fit them (they say they dont usually any more). They can also get hold of any of the spacers youll need for the wheels.

Bear in mind that with really big wheels things will slow down a hell of a lot. Theres a guy called Jus on this forum with a kitted (not wide arch) and mad-paint Clio 1.2. Hes got 17s on and the car tops out at 80mph!!!

ahh but i didnt say what engine is going in there did i the kit is just the first thing i am sorting out the engine is well in hand no need to worry there if nebody on the forumn has nay hints, addresses that would help as i hope to have this finished by late january