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WRX STI Vs Cup :-(

Not a chance in Hell did I have as I was on the phone, the bloke looked across at me and floored it, has anyone had any run ins with this type of car!

The car I raced was Silver and travelling on the M18, Ryhs, Craggy have you come up against this weapon, I didnt try but I felt he may have had the beating of me!

I have both (my Impreza is putting out 305bhp currently) so take it from me you will not win,,,,, but you will not be as far behind as you think you would be. They are also laggy until 4K unless you reconfigure the ECU which I did!!

  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

Not that good in first gear from a rolling start at all. Thats the new WRX im talking about. Its only 0.8 seconds quicker to 60 than a 172, so thats only what, 2 car lengths? Not a clue about car lengths but its like me racin a 172, difference is not amazingly big! The STi Turbo is quicker!
  mk2 172

i raced every impreza under the sun in me williams, pro drive, p1, wrx, tuned turbo 2000, may have been more all were quite close apart from the p1 off a rolling start. wrx was a fair bit faster but it was modded(mate) turbo 2000 i raced when i had passenger and it was still close, p1 won by quite a lot and the pro drive was close too but it was faster. all before mine was chipped and stripped