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Xenon RHD to LHD

Is there a way to switch cliosport 182 headlights as im moving abroad and deflectors wont so for the MOT type test

I need them to be as LHD.

Any help would be appreciated

If not where can i buy continental ones cheap :D

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I needed LHD light units to pass the TUV in Germany. I don't have a 182 though so much much help sorry.

Probably easiest to source them in that country or on their eBay if your language skills are up to it.
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This is no help whatsoever, but my first MOT with my 172 was failed by it having LHD headlights! Never did find out how it got them as it isn't an import! (has alarm etc too). Got them swapped under guarantee in the end, and they said there was no conversion method...
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I asked this question on the Renaultsport forum some time ago and was told it can be done but it's got to go into the dealers.