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Y reg Clio RSi Y16 VRS

I sold my Clio RSi last summer to buy a TT225. It had a personal plate on it - Y16 VRS and was sold to somebody in the Chelmsford area. Just wondered how it is getting on - any body come across it, on here even? My user name is still registered as Y16VRS, may be I should relinquish it now?

  Astra 1.9cdti XP

In the TT is there enough room in the glovebox for clippers and a comb?

sorry totally uncalled for.....slap my wrist......i love TTs i do!!!!! ;)

The car is a monaco blue 2001 Y reg 1.6 16v RSi, I left the plate Y16 VRS on it when I sold it to a very nice young lady in Chelmsford (where I use to live also BTW) Was a very good car, did 20k in it with no probs at all, and it was super c**pped...

Re the hairdresser comment on the TT - LOL!! - do you think we havent heard that one before! I went from the above car (bypassed a 172...) and into a 2002 225 TTC Q, and have been AMAZED by this car. AWESOME....

Used to enjoy this forum a while back - but the talk was always "I toasted this / I toasted that" (even with 1.2s !!) but now Im in my TT, there is NO DOUBT NOW OVER TOASTING....

May be Ill bring it to a Clio meet (High Beech?)

Cheers, Paul.