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Yellow Dave in Braintree last night

  Clio 182
You was lurking round that Maccy D's area of town again Dave ... I'm beginning to worry bout you!
  172 cup
S6 EMY... surely to have spotted that yellow dave is there quite a lot then you'd have had to have been there to?! :rasp:

Should we be worrying about you!?
  Golf GT & A4 Avant
Tut tut! me a chav??? Although I did have a guy in a chavy black Saxo VTS with white wheels trying to play along Millenium way on the way out, he didn't like it when I came past him.

I'd been for a drink in Fowlers Farm with a friend, was trying to stay away from town as the football was on. I spotted you as I came out of Wyevale carpark. Looked like you had come from McDonalds carpark?

My friend thought your car was quite nice by the way, and he's not particularly a petrol head either
  Clio 182
Thankyou friend :)

Well yes I have to admit I had been into Maccy D's ... only for food tho honest! I was on me way back from being a norty gal in Chelmsford so had to get me strength back up! ;)

Always seems to be Dave I see when i'm out that way, mind you it's not exactly a colour you can miss is it!!