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York 2003 Discussion !

  Skoda Fabia vRS

finally got a response from York about hire, and they want £3500 !

so, who thinks we could get 100 cars for this ?.......

me, i think we could, but its gonna take some organisin, which with Nick Reads help im willing to do

magazine coverage is certain, asked Luke about it ages ago an he was up for coverin it for PGTi

or.....would we be better with the Pod......i dont think so personally as they want £3000 plus £10 at the gate

i think it may be necessary to invite RSC, which i dont have a problem with at all, but i want to keep this a Clio Sport organised official event

discuss !
  Renault Laguna Coupe

York is cool - nice people, good place. Count me in for whatever you decide. If we have a date which gives everyone enough notice theres no reason why we shouldnt get 100 people. Great social event too!

Yeah smart idea Brun! :cool:

Now come on everybody, just think about it, a HUGE exculsive Cliosport shootout day, lets top Brands Hatch and make "York 2003" the biggest Cliosport meet, all day long rippin it up down the strip, get the BB guys and K-tec guys down there with there turbos etc, get the magazines involved :D

Itll be as good as we want it to be, so lets go for it, and people whove never been anywhere near a drag strip will be able to hava go in good company too :D

And, of course, there would be the obligatory night out in York :p (where would we get a place to feed us all????:confused:)
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Quote: Originally posted by Roamer on 03 December 2002

And, of course, there would be the obligatory night out in York (where would we get a place to feed us all????)

Let the ol chavymister sort the night out with food after all the last attempt wasnt bad was it ?

BTW You dont have to ask me about York cause I am as good as there anyway.
  BMW 320d Sport

Well you know Im always up for anything at York! Whos that moaning about York being miles away?:) I did it 2 or 3 times this year and Im in the furthest corner of Essex - I always have to go up the night before - but its *definitely* worth it. Something like this would be a weekender I would have thought, especially for those coming from as far (or further) as me. The Saturday night out (as organised by Chavy) is bound to be top notch like last time, although we will need a bigger restaraunt! Its worth travelling a bit to make it to the big events. The Peugeot club never have trouble with their national day down at Stratford, it goes without a hitch every year, and I cant see why we cant do the same thing, were big enough now.

There is one slight problem though - money. If this was to go ahead first we need an idea of how many would be willing to come. Regardless of whether we invite RSC, which *personally* I would be quite happy to do or even RTOC, lets look at our target of 100 cars which I think we could manage. That would make each ticket £30. BTW forget the Pod, theyre disorganised.

Now to get 100 members to pay £30, you would have to have something else going on apart from just quarter miling. OK for the big days at York weve had what, 20 cars? But theyre dedicated quarter milers for the most part. To make it really kick off and get the numbers we need, I think something like the Peugeot National Day has got to be considered. ie 1/4 miling, show cars, trade stands etc, a chillout tent showing video from all the events weve done over the last year...
  BMW 320d Sport

BTW Brun, getting back to RSC, you and I have no problem with RSC coming along and most people Cliosport members are the same. Do you think there would be any problem from the RSC management though?
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Nick if this does go ahead I am volenteering to sort out the Saturday Nights entertainment, and like you I travel up from Essex but for me its a monthly thing as I have family up there so there is no saying this is to far as the truely hardcore will make the effort no matter what.

On the previous two occasions we have being up the strip we have all have a cracking day. If ths event is to go ahead you will not be dissapointed at all. This is as big a social event as well and a club event so get your name down and lets find out who is the true quater mile king in each category.

Sounds lame but what about small trophies for certain categories ?

For example..

Fastest standard 1.2

Fastest standard 1.4

Fastest standard 1.6

Fastest standard 1.8 16v

Fastest standard 172 mk1 / mk2

Fastest standard Williams



BTW Brun good work mate now lets get this baby going.


I will come all the way from South Wales, 5-6 hours like I did last time so I dont think the excuse of distance is valid to be honest. For the enjoyment you get out of the day then it is so worth it !

In the summer would be good I reckon ! We did speak about getting tents and stuff and kipping there the night before, get some BBQs and just have a huge gathering with food and drink, this is probably harder than going to a restaurant but it would be cheap....... I will let you sort if out anyone Ivan mate !

To get 100 cars down there should be very do-able as I am sure someone said that there were now 500 members in the club ? 20% is not a big ask surely to get 100.

Anyway, great idea and I am already looking forward to it.............

  1995 Mondeo Speed Machine

Im definately there!! Never been up the strip before but it sounds like a bloody good laugh!

I think 100 cars from Cliosport maybe a bit ambitious?!? I think if you wanted to get people like BB Tuning and K-Tec to make the effort you would have to get some other clubs involved, especially RTOC IMO.

I would be looking at going up the night before even though its only about 2 hours from me. And if your serious about the tents its going to have to be in the summer!:)

If we cant get the necessary number of cars theres no reason why we cant use one of the Official York days to have our own get together with the Cliosport stand. Either way Ive just decided that my new years resolution is going to be get some 1/4 miling under my belt!

Bring it on!

  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

I wanna come! This would be an excellent day /weekend out. I live a fair way away but I would love to do this.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

Quote: Originally posted by Nick Read on 03 December 2002

BTW Brun, getting back to RSC, you and I have no problem with RSC coming along and most people Cliosport members are the same. Do you think there would be any problem from the RSC management though?
i dont think so mate, i think it would all be fine, and i also think its a good idea to invite RTOC !
  Skoda Fabia vRS

ill get back in touch with some people then, and see what i can organise

Nick, email me mate an lets get the ball rollin on this
  Golf GTTDI 130PD

I drive from Gatwick to Donny at least one a month......not a bad drive if you know the right times to go. Takes me about 3.5 hours on a good run. So how much further from there>?????

hell yeah!! if we cant get 100 people, we could always pay a bit more each(80 peopl@£43 etc) if we dont want to get our asses kicked by R5s

Yes, I will come - if we get a fair amount of people attending.. Look at Brands, We only need 30 more people and were sorted. Maybe if we got 120, then we could get it a bit cheaper... depending on date though, I will probably be there.

  320d M Sport

Ill go for sure. If we get 100 cars to go how many runs can we reallistically expect? I mean if u pay £30 and only get 2/3 goes itd be pretty gutting?? Failing that see what the max people would pay in order to secure the day and get more runs in??

  BMW 320d Sport

Paddy, no worries on that score at York, thats why everyone whos been, keeps going back again and get so many runs you eventually have to take a break from it! They run whatever the weather, and dont stop for lunch breaks or a speck of dust on the track. And its a lot drier than Santa Pod is anyway.

BTW Im thinking along the lines of 200 cars, not 100.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

200 cars eh Nick - thatll give ChavyBoy a challenge for the evening entertainment! Gonna need some more web-space for the league-table too!
  1995 Mondeo Speed Machine

Is it worth pinning this topic to the top of the discussion and/or meeting & events board so that everyone gets the chance to see it?