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york, digi vid camera

  mk2 172

has anyone whos coming got one and willing to use it?, i know most of us love watching drag racin vids and what better than to sit and reminiss(spelling) over our own races, possibly for the downloads forum, be nice to have some footage. just vid the cliosport races,and as many as possible. just a thought but id love it.

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Good call mate.

I can bring a normal cam-corder then transfer it onto AVI or something but a digi one would be ace.

I will bring the digital camera down as well. Bit of an old one but does the job.

Will have to get a few shots of all the cars together.

BTW I will be bringing the laptop down and connecting it to the mobile so I can post times up on the cliosport board from the strip live.
  mk2 172

lol, top notch mate, make them who arent coming realise what a mistake there making, maybe we can get a live vidi feed on the web, probably fill a timeslot on bbc choice too.....

everyone post who they secretly want to race, and i dont want a barrage of challengers!
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Me... Me... Please Mr Cragg.

BBC choice is a cheap channel I was thinking more of Sky 1 or something.
  BMW 320d Sport

Ill race anyone who lines up next to me! But Craggy I definitely wanna race you mate. Plus Jon Ive gotta race you for definite. Im aiming for low 14s this time! Thinking maybe I can get direct port injection hooked up before next weekend.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Well be bringing the Fuji cam which does pretty decent video. Roamer has a bracket which can be fixed to the car - can you bring it John?

I was going to bring a normal video camera but yes a digi camcorder would be awesome ! Gotta get this all on tape !

I want to race ChavyBoy and I would love a go with you too Craggy, I would like to have a go with you too Nick but I fear I will not be much competition for you. I will race anybody, I dont care, I want to improve on my times as much as I can each time I do it so it doesnt really matter who I line up against......... hell who am I kidding, I wanna race EVERYONE ! ha ha !

Oh yeah, Chavy you flash git ! ha ha ! Laptop from the strip will be great, post as people run to keep people updated ! Superb !
  williams and trophy

he he ur on nick mate... but i expect to be well and truly beaten off you this time!!!!!!!!!! lol

craggy... its gotta be best of three this time mate lol

mat igotta race you hehe

any one else????????????

il race anyone ... not bothered what they drive... just racing against my own (and mats lol) time and trying to better it


  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

I am going to race my own shadow or come to think of it anything that moves.

Daipac is on the list

Ill have a go against Nick

Craggy is down as is John

Actually anyone who fancies a quick rip up the strip !

BTW I am making some little A4 printouts with the cliosport logo on and our board names on to stick in your cars so on the video you can see who it is.

Also cause I am bringing the laptop I have a wicked Cliosport logo on it so anyone with a nokia with Infra red can have the logo for free, also I can message it to anyone with a nokia.

Chavy, the A4 print outs will look good in the back window of the cars I reckon, great idea that is !

I have a Nokia and would love to have one of those Cliosport logos if possible ?

Ill bring my camera mount and digital camcorder up with me, anyone who wants it mounted in there car, well just ask :)
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Roamer how about you jump in with me for a run and get some footage of Nick going up against us using the Nitrous, Nick will have a cheeking grin on his face I think ???

Maybe a few shots of a 1/4 mile from the back window when we blow some other cars away. Have the camera face to one side so when we go past them you can see by how much ?