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Your car + your other half. Am I alone

My girlfriend really isnt into my car.

She thinks it looks like a gangsta bad boy pimp-mobile:devilish:, thinks its too loud :Dand nearly cries when I hit 4000rpm (which I kind of the point in a 16v!;)). She also takes the piss out of Cliosport as a gay chat-up forum!!

She reckons I should sell my car to get a 1960s VW Campervan!!

To be fair, most of its tongue in cheek. But I notice that loads of people at meets seem to have their other halves with them...which begs the question: am I "alone", as it were, in having a girlfriend that isnt into the car?:confused:

some of my mates think my cars a "bw0y racers" car... i bought the thing coz i loved the williams first time they come out and i said i am going to get one of them!!! so for me its what i like, my car! noone elses, if someone dont like it, then everyone has a diff taste!

Yeah ok it "might" be a bw0y racer car... but only coz it has alot of poke and can keep up with tuned cars and mines only standard :)

oh well! probably nothing to do with the subject! my 2p worth :sleep:
  clio 20v

your not alone mate but thats all im sayin heh heh

whenever she starts about the car i just come back with summat about her bizarre shopping habits


Ben... M8 !!!!!!!

If she cant get into your mechanical habits now.........

she will be a terrible shag in a few years when the novalty wears off.....

She either go with the flow.... or get the last boat out..... (on the same flow lol)


No, were together becuase we think alike and are very easy with each other. Shes just a bit of a hippy (not to look at fortunately!), destined to work for small charities for the rest of her know, not materialistic. Old money. I think she sees the appeal of tinkering with machines, but I dont think Id ever be allowed to have an image-centred car (BMW etc) - which I dont mind - as its all a bit new money. Fortunately, I dont buy a car for the image. I buy the rave reviews, cult followings, unreliability and some-time Group A FIA pedigree! Maybe itll be a Ford Cosworth for me then next:oops:

I find above 5.5k the annoying drone seems to be barely audiable,

if shes really making unpleasent noises then start to drive really irraticly till shes so scared she goes silent,

it works!

Remeber the day you sell the clio and get the camper van she will find something else to moan about,

might as well keep it.
  BMW 320d Sport

hehe youre not the only one Ben! My wife Amanda cant stand my Clio. Well not the car itself, she likes Clios and used to drive my old RT. Just the amount of time I spend on it. Shes only ever come to *one* Cliosport thing...the meal up in York a couple of weeks ago. She had absolutely zero interest in going to the drag strip.

A particularly odd coincidence with the VW thing though...she actually has a VW, a 66 Beetle. Shame Im the one that has to keep it on the road though.

my girlfriend likes my car as long as;

im not washing it

im not hoovering it

im not waxing it

im not talking about some new rattling noise i thought i heard

im not racing things off the lights

im not talking about head units , changers ,speakers and sat nav

i am taking her to guildford / reading shopping

i am taking her out for a meal in it (not actually in the car... )

or, as was the case last sunday, I came to her rescue when her car was playing up (well. i sat with her till the AA turned up)

so really she loves it ;)

Shes got better with the car - I think because she realises that it isnt some image thing really. She wants a Campervan herself (a splittie), but guess who will end up looking after it!! Pah!
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

Bloody hell your all lucky!!!

My g/f does all those things PLUS she hs the habbit of slamming the passenger side dor into Poles, walls other cars!

You name it shes hit!!!
  clio williams, Ph1 172

You are not alone. My gf thinks the cliosport thing is a bit gay. But shes a bit into her cars. She has an AX GT. Told her to get a Renault but she would not.

If the words 16v are muttered in front of my girlfriend she generally replies BLAH, BLAH, BLAH and more BLAH!!!

Untill I say no more!!

But she wondered why I was not moaning when I went shopping with her, she asked me why and I told her that I was eager as I was looking for a colour to spray my car in!!

Well you lot all seem quite lucky really... My GF insists on comming to ALL the meets with me so she can spend the whole evening/ day / weekend telling me shes bored and she wants to go home, and that i spend to much of my time / money on my car. cant seem to convince her she would be better off at home.

Just had to get a really loud stereo so i cant hear her any more!

  BMW 335i M-Sport

ditch the b**ch......nobody is going to stop me washing my wheels in the bath or cleaning engine parts on the kitchen english mans car is his castle:D

LOL, am I truly the luckiest guy on earth, my gf has as big an interest in cars as me, maybe not in the technical aspect of things, but deff. in the driving and tuning aspects. We can talk about cars all day, go to tracks together and cruises. Her dream car is a Evo 5, personally Id set my sights a bit higher ;)

I feel for you guys, I really do. :D

like simon im one of the lucky ones, my misses loves cars and would put alot of mens knowledge to shame (ask the guy outside the pub who she explained the difference between a compact and what he claimed to be a bmw "sports?" lol)

she helps me clean the car, cleans it herself if shes made if messy. doesnt mind me workin on the car aslong as its something she approves of, she loves my ICE :)

wants to get a rapid jap car when we move to australia like a 500bhp skyline.

love her to bits :)
  CTR EK9 turbo

Yall see quite unlucky. My girlfriend is quite interested in my fascination with cars! she spots modded cars for me when shes been away from me and laughs with me at the "sorted-orions" etc.... What she doesnt like is instances like when she fell asleep the speedo needle rose to a large 3 figure number and she woke up! oops!she wasnt impressed at all - although it was at 2 a.m. on an empty 3 lane "airstrip" in the south... ;) She also doesnt like my high-speed lift off oversteer cornering that seems to have become a bad habit with my driving recently (although its good fun when its safe and clear.)

My girlfriend even helps me wash my car too! its great, we get to spend time together doing something that we both enjoy. Shes great and thats why i love her! all together........................(rrrralph!)
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Hmmmm... Ben you might want to think about things from both ends.. as it were. To start with my missus (Val) wasnt really into the Cliosport thing, but it gradually grew on her. How do you like the following scenario?

At York the other weekend I got 3 runs instead of 6 (she insisted on having a go!)

At the last trackday at Bedford she did a lot of laps that would have been mine.....

At Donington next month shell be driving the car for half the time.....

bare in mind that shes got her own car - the Clio is MINE!!

On the other hand:-

If I say Im going to get a PiperMagnexNOSDemonTweeks mod shes interested about the improvements and I get no grief whatsoever about what it costs,

Going to the next trackday / quarter mile event will never be a problem and it will take precedence over pretty much anything else

She understands that I love the car and that I therefore spend a lot of time keeping it tidy.

Choices really m8, If you get your girl really interested in your car you might find that youre not spending quite as much time behind the wheel as you once did (cos shell be drivin) - but its a great shared interest, and ultimately I think it works in a relationship.

Regards, telford_samaritans

Forget poor fuel quaility, dirty injectors, clogged up air filters, blowing exhausts etc, I loose over 100bhp in performance whenever other half is in my car! Rev limits is reduced to 4000rpm, top speed has dropped to 50mph and can only corner as fast as a Reliant Robin, hell, my acceleration and in gear times make a Dihatsu Move seem like top fuel dragster.

She only ever appriciates the car when shes behind the wheel, and then she drives like a manic on speed...

BenR, Is there any chance at having a look at a picture of your car ? Would love to see your gangsta mobile.


Im Ben H! Ben R just one of the other Bens on here!

Go to the Galleries on the website, mines under the 16v Gallery somewhere on the 2nd page. Those pictures were taken before lowering.

Aaaaaaah the old bird & motors conundrum!!!!!!

Some of us are lucky, a lot are definitely not!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As luck may have it, I am one of the lucky ones!!!! My wife loves cars, driving, the whole thing. In the nicest possible way & this is a compliment, shes a geezer-bird!!!!

Her Dad is into cars and her brother is features editor of Max Power so shes always been into the performance car/modifying thing. She comes to most of the rallies around Europe with me and even drove at the Rallye Catalunya this year.

She loves ragging the Impreza one day and then the Elise another, although winter is coming and its nigh on time for the Elise to go into hibernation!!

Now we also have the Cup, she wants me to get the same 17" speedline Turinis in White, get a straight through exhaust system, including de-cat as its "too quiet" in her words and even wants to see if we can get the car looking like the S1600 with the wide body. I think she wants her bother to then put it on Max as a cover car. UUgh!!

My Fiancee is a spped freak - shes used to Motorbikes and sub 10 secs to 100 and 150mph etc so its hard to keep her happy, but the new Cup is actually scaring her abit - not the speed just the handling and grip and brakes - need to get used to driving it - oh and giving it some in the City - slap my wrists I know - but itsa sooooo hard not too especially when ur just learning to drive the new motor!!!! Apart from that shes the

heh, pose im quite lucky then aswell, the missus had an xr2i and apparently didnt like the look of my 16v,but when i replaced my 16v with another she bought my old one off me and couldnt be happier, if only we could find someone who wants an xr2i :)

i cant get my GF off my back!!!

she wont let me sell my clio as its "hers" eventhough she didnt pay, isnt insured or even cleans it.....she in love with the seats!???!!

i have to make up some long winded reason about why she cant come to track days and race meets........then i dont get dinner for a few nights as punishemnt......LOL...Pizza Hut are my saviours.

she always just want to go for a drive......argh........

trust me, its more fun when she doesnt want to know.......

shes even reading the "how do things work" book and reads all my tech books after me!.......

im shagging a bloke!!......ergh

My GF isnt into cars (she drives a Hyundai!!:cry:) unless theyre Formula 1 efforts. But fortunately I think she has a small appreciation of a "nice" or " fast " car.

My girlfriend allways say that i love my car more than her, I think there is some truth in that remark. I had an AXGT5 with a magnex back box, loud was not the word, she moaned and moaned and now forbids me to buy a loud exhaust for my valva. I will say that about 3 months ago i picked her up and there was this car for sale, she remarked as she got in my car, " That L reg Corolla is not worth that much!" I was shocked and amazed, it appears all the car talk/stuff is finally rubbing off.:D

I kinda cheated really. There are quite a few of us that like to drive about, go to events and so on, but we were all getting serious grief. So, in an effort to quell thier complaints we started to ply them with alchohol whenever we went out and left them together to do that "female bitching" thing. Now the other half knows enough about modded cars to hold her own (kinda basic knowledge of everything but nothing indepth).

All the lasses enjoy coming out with us cos they get sloshed, and the lads get to spend more time with the cars cos they are happy too.

Only problem is she likes the Clio so much she uses it for work now, what was wrong with her getting the BUS!!!:p