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Yozzasport question: Please help!!!


ClioSport Club Member
Hi guys, I had my Yozza fitted to my 182 yesterday, and it sounds amazing.

Only thing thats been bugging me is, when at high revs, it kinda whistles, like a turbo car?

Has anyone else with this system heard this, or is it just mine?!? :S

Cheers guys....


ClioSport Club Member
Yeah well it always whistled abit with the standard exhaust on, now it sounds alot louder at high revs, like ive got turbo :S

Very strange - sounds good though IMO

Just thought - "oh no is it blowing?"
blowing exhaust wont sound like a whistle normally, sounds more like the exhaust is fooked.

You got induction kit?


ClioSport Club Member
  Jaguar XFR
When the car is idling, listen to it carefully. They normally blow at the joint halfway down the car , say underneath the gearbox, have a look/listen outside the car. The exhaust itself wouldnnt be blowing ( good quality welding) but possibly the connecting bit.

Or take it to a garage and get them to get it on the ramp and then cover the zorst ends and hear for any leaks.

My Y/S zorst was fantastic, the Renualt bits that held it all together were made out of PlayDoh
different filter wont make it whistle, however a hole or gap would. just check over the connextions to the airbox and throttle body


ClioSport Club Member

Cheers Stuart - thats what it is then?!?

It does sound good, I was just panicing thinking it was blowing or something....

Didnt fancy the trip back to Leeds to get it sorted thats all haha :cool:


ClioSport Club Member
LOL! I have a noise like what you are sort of describing to! Wondered what the f**k it was. Like air getting into the cabin. It's only quite faint though.


ClioSport Club Member
Well: finally got to the bottom of it. I was driving today and going up the rev range, then BOOOM big bang and the car sounded like a Challenger Tank.

Pulled over thinking ide blown the engine, looked under and thankfully it was the Cat. It had come free from the downpipe and was hanging down.

I have had a rattle for a week or so, just thought it was the heat shield loose.

Took it to the garage and the bolt and seal had corroded that much there was no seal.

This explains the whislte I have been getting. The car seems to pull harder now, I guesss as I have a propper seal on the exhaust.