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172/182 Guide. Cup Packs/Spec Info Sport Clio Guide.pdf

Thanks to Jenic for putting it together.

For more information on bolt spacing, the only way to tell for sure if your 182 has cup suspension, can be found here >>

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This comfirms i have a FF 182 took me 18months to find out :approve:

spot on, i was researching it before.
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Await a million people telling me something is wrong lol

If it is then pm me, i'll update it and revels will re-upload it :)
It's not supposed to be a Haynes manual.

Just to stop the 'What's the cup packs/what does my car have/how do I tell/does this car have...?' type threads that we seem to be multiples of each day.

It's been covered hundreds of times but people never search. So a quick link to a stuck thread will help a lot of people out.
ah i see well i just have a normal 182 thought ff meant it dint have the cup packs on it my mistake
my 182, with both cup packs, has silver seat belts, are they easy to take off and clean, lol, they show up dirt....even the smallest marks.
There were around 2300 172 cups sold in the uk (RHD), and I believe only the very last 172 cups were sold with the option of climate control (106). I read this on the interweb so cannot be 100%.
My cup has cc so i'd love to think there is only 106 in the uk :D.

Also anouther intresting thing about the cup 172 is that in france they were known as the Renault Clio RS Jean Rognotti, After the legendary rally driver. Very Cool!

The cup chassis's are also group 'N' homologated as standard, Someone also told me they were built in a different factory to the standard cars and the 172 sport, how true this is i do not know.
That is ace - a great buyer's guide. I guess on the 182 it is possible to have the anthracite wheels without the cup suspension? I presume the only way to tell would be the ride height or getting underneath? Are the spring/shocks easy to identify by looking at for the cup suspension?
Basically yeah, does it look like a roller skate or not?

Precious few are 100% standard nowadays.

any chance of updating this to contain the vee, 197, 200 and assorted special editions?

I could provide a rough draft that a mod/admin could edit and put on the PDF
How will I know if mine has the Cup Packs.. It's got a different front splitter, has the cup spoiler though.. And has coilovers, so guess I can only measure the hubs and find out that way?
Thanks for the model guide. That was very useful to me as a noob who was confused by the different versions !