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    From Rags to Riches

    Great Work! what cleaners have you been using to get rid of grease and general dirt prior to spraying? (eg gearbox, engine, Boot floor area)
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    2014 Corvette Stingray and 1974 Corvette

    Amazing! Love the cars, love the houses, love the neighbourhood, & love the surrounding areas in the photos :o Went to America under a year ago, and them photos are making me want to go back now! Do you live there?
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    Clio 197 body panels same as 200??

    Ola,,, not posted in a while, so heres a question :rasp: Are the front wings from a 197 the same as the 200 wings? And the rear bumper, is that the same? e.g. 197 to 200? par the diffuser in the middle? Cheers
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    misfire cylinder 3

    Injector not firing.
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    My S3

    I love my S3! Its only got 48k on it though, so literally like new! FK coil overs are known to be pretty horrendous for comfort purposes. Mines around 270bhp, and feels great. PS snow time is the best time! Get yourself a haldex blue controller and then tell me its boring…..
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    Grand Theft Auto V

    Cannot wait, honestly. wooooooooooooooo
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    Left side wheel area feels like its catching /grinding through steering

    Front passengers side feels vague through the steering. Feels like something's grinding or catching. Its only on when turning a 90 degree corner going right. I've jacked up that side, no play in bearing, Cv joints look fine, Arb bushes have little splits in them. The top mounts are on...
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    Middle seatbelt routing picture

    As above. The middle seatbelt in a 182. How does it route from the mech ? mech- side roof- roof - seats? anyone got a picture? ​cheers.
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    SHOW OFF YOUR WHITE 182 S took me 3-5 seconds to search for that. so yes i believe jesus should lock this thread again. edit: Took 20 seconds...
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    Matte Red/Matte Grey Plastidipped my 172

    Do you apply primers with this?or just straight to paint? seems a great idea tbh. ​
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    182/172 track car weights?

    Im wondering what sort of weights you can get too with a clio sport 182/172. Anyone been on a weighing bridge? What sort of weight mods did you have/removed.... & whats a reasonable estimate which is possible to get down too?
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    Trophy Track Car

    Very good mileage considering though! Out of interest, how come your still running the full dash? ( you look to be on a weight saving mission)
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    crazy ax sleeper lol

    Yaa with jp4 cam covers or a jp4 engine..
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    crazy ax sleeper lol

    its definitely not jessops'. lol What spec is the engine to get 170bhp? if you think this is mad, theres a few 300bhp+ ones currently about.
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    My 172 Cup (T5MY G) & 172 Stealth (T5M YO)

    Re: My 172 Cup (T5MY G) 191.2 Bhp & 173.4 Torque whats the immobiliser light doing tom? you ain't stripped any dash wiring down have you?