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Recent content by dubby

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    Dash/Trip light

    hey guys just wondering if anybody knows what this symbol means its on a 2007 Clio 1.2 tried looking through pages on here but cant find it thanks :)
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    Ultra Red Clio 197

    So I picked up a Clio 197 today, 42,000miles with belts already done, has the front heated seats. I used to have a bg 182 but sold it to fund motorbike.. Love the 197 so far!! Plans: Induction kit Cup spoiler New exhaust(?) or exhaust tips.. Repaint diffuser and grill black Will...
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    Black Gold 182 FF

    I dont have the car anymore, went about 6 months ago. Loved it though. this is my new toy
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    Simply french day 2013

    Im up for this!
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    Woke up this morning to find this in the garage. Early 21st Present :3

    Nice one man! i've only just got my 182, look after it and she'll treat you well
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    Hampshire photo shoots/ meets?

    Southampton old walls might be an idea too, anyone think of any other good photo areas? Could just drive around to them all?
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    Hampshire photo shoots/ meets?

    Mayflower Park is right down near Town Quay, you can see all the boats there when they're in the docks and you can get some pretty good shots like this: Mayflower Park 5 by Shornuk, on Flickr...
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    Boot Lock Wont Open - Help?

    Looks like this mate, you can here if its working when you open it up, if not it is just a straight swap but be careful you dont knock the rod going to the actual lock, I did and it took me ages to get it right...
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    Boot Lock Wont Open - Help?

    Comes as one part with boot button
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    Boot Lock Wont Open - Help?

    I had this problem in my old non sport, although mine wouldn't lock, it was a solenoid that was bust, i got one off of ebay and replaced it, it was a little tricky but easy enough fix really, I will look out for the eBay link?
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    Meet at D-Day Museum Car Park (Portsmouth/Southsea) 17th March, Sunday, between 6-7pm

    Re: Meet at D-Day Museum Car Park (Portsmouth/Southsea) 17th March, Sunday, between 6 This meet is also on this day:
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    Hampshire photo shoots/ meets?

    Anywhere know any good locations around Hampshire for photos? I am getting a new camera soon and would like to take a few photos, may even make a meet out of it? Could even do a little tour, drive about and take some pics? I was thinking maybe some in the New Forest, or down Mayflower Park...
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    **show us Your Engine Bay**

    DSCF0814 - Copy by shaunwest, on Flickr
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    Skoda Splitter

    I used self tappers last time on my old car but may glue it now, never thought of that, good idea!
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    **show us Your Engine Bay**

    DSCF0813 - Copy by shaunwest, on Flickr Nothing special, although just got an engine bay cover that I'm going to paint gloss black.