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Recent content by James Bushell

  1. J

    Blue 197 at Snowdon (Sun/19th)

    Blue 197(I think)... Saw you on Llanberis pass..
  2. J

    Blue CUP in Wadhurst this afternoon (Saturday)..

    Possibly.. in and around T Wells occasionally.. LY R26..
  3. J

    Blue CUP in Wadhurst this afternoon (Saturday)..

    Passed you in Wadhurst, i was in the yellow R26.. Had a CUP before the meg.. still think they look the nuts.. :) James
  4. J

    Beachy head blast + county roads!

    Might be up for this.. any dates confirmed yet..?
  5. J

    Garageing the clio and useing run about

    i think that's when i used to enjoy my the cup the most.. in the winter.. :) when it's cold it makes it quicker.. when it's wet it slides easier.. :)
  6. J

    Magicman's Hypnosis and Magic night @ Somerhill Pub 24th JULY 09 7:30PM

    Re: Magicman's Hypnosis and Magic night @ Summerhill Pub 24th JULY 09 7PM Adam, sent you a PM the other day.. not sure if you got it..?
  7. J

    An evening out with my Cup...

    You actually went over 60 on the road..?? you feeling ok.. ;)
  8. J

    clio cup 172

    Same here.. mine wasnt overly happy on 95.. always best to go for 98 where poss..
  9. J

    A tiny little new addition...

    Hi Mark.. hows things.. long time no see.... finally got rid of the cup on friday...
  10. J

    Guildford to Brighton Run Pics!

    Glad to see the old breakfast runs are still going in Various guises.. Think i will have to resurect mine.. PX'd the cup on friday against a Liquid Yellow R26.. blow the cup into the weeds.. ;)
  11. J

    Someone KEYED my car

    have a look at my post.. might help.. this is the route i plan to take anyway..
  12. J

    Scratch Wizard

    Some very kind t**t keyed my Cup over Christmas.. Just wondered if anyone has used the above.. the testimonials sound ok.. but you never know just how true they are.. think i'll give them a go.. but always worth asking around.. :) thanks...
  13. J

    Melting Steering Wheel: Renault Reply

    1. Jaffa182 2. whatisjustis 3. 4. Cupster 5. Clairemae 6. 182kev 7. martynrg 8. kevin.s 9. CupDude 10. koi 11. Hazza 12. Dajones 13. BioHzrd - Mk3 30K :/ 14. dangerous daves mummys 182 @24k 15. Beatjunkie 16. Len_Beach 17. Martin_89 (Destroyed @ 47k / thumbgrip split at 21k) 18. Nafeun...