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Recent content by Scott R

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    painted my calipers today!

    £9.99 for a tin that will cover well more than 4 calipers.
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    painted my calipers today!

    Apparently Hammerite flakes off the calipers. I did mine last sunday with a tin of Halfords Brake Caliper paint.
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    Whats the next service after the 12000 mile one for a 172 mk 2? Also how much is it likely to cost from past experience? Cheers Scott
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    Window Tinting

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    Window Tinting

    Has anyone ever used a company called Autoshades, either down south or up in Rochdale? If so, what are they like, did they do a good job. Booked in on saturday. Finally what shade tint would you go for on a cliosport 172 in iceberg silver. I was thinking medium. Cheers Scott
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    Arch mods on Clio2

    17s on a cliosport will not rub with a 30mm drop as this is what I have, but wait till you get a person/ people in the back. Thats where the rubbing starts!
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    Who ’s Youngest owner of each clio

    23 yrs old - Cliosport 172 mk 2 iceberg silver ( all the available mods inc) Renewed my insurance yesterday - £870 fully comp with Tesco insurance £500 excess with 3yrs no claims bonus.
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    You’ll never believe what just happened

    172 man, take yourself to a quite corner and have a word!!! That lad deserved more than what he got. He should be in hospital for a few weeks. Bet that little c**t will think twice b4 trying to pinch another car. Probably a smack head! If they got away with it, they would be sat at home now...
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    Williams Cat

    Does anyone know how much a new cat is for a williams 1. Is it the same as the 16v cat?
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    I’m totally pissed off.......

    Definatley name and shame the prick, and then go and find another mk 1 172. There are loads for sale, especially private sales. Dont give swiss tony the satisfaction of getting your money. Then after a few months, when things have died down, pour paint stripper all over his cars in the early...
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    New exhaust system

    Cheers fellas, I beliveve K-tec are based in Dorset, so as I am based in Cheshire I will probably get a magnex. What sort of price do you expect to pay for a cat back system?
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    New exhaust system

    Hi Looking to change my standard cliosport 172 system for a full performance system. What is available for the cliosport 172 mkII? Also does this mean that the car then has no cat. I understand that this needs to be put back on for the MOT (when it eventually needs one!) How much would this...
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    Pearl Black 172

    Just to let you all know that me mums been to Motorpoint of Burnley today and has ordered a new Clio Sport 172 in Pearl Black! That means we will now have in the family...... 1 x Clio Sport 172 in Iceberg Silver (mine) 1x Clio Williams (brothers) (in mint condition) 1 x Clio Sport in...
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    172 mk II alloys

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    172 mk II alloys

    A set of 4 172 mk II alloys for sale. Excellent condition. Despirate to get rid of them due to lack of funds. Bargain price of £230. Seriously interested? call me on 07818 057318 No timewasters Cheers Scott