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Recent content by TomS

  1. TomS

    Red mk1 Clio V6 Bristol

    That would be me :) Cheers for letting me out, although I think the cars behind you were a bit mad - I saw you wait for me before I'd even pulled out of my space! Was it you that flew past me on the dual carriageway about 15 mins later?
  2. TomS


    What was she thinkin! lol
  3. TomS


    lol, no hope. Was hank marvin! Looking immense dude.
  4. TomS


    Oh my goodness ali...............
  5. TomS

    Red ph1 Vee meets red ph1 172

    Looking great - love the 172 alot!
  6. TomS

    RB182: Xenons Fitted!

    Genuine xenons is the way forward..... really dislike HID's
  7. TomS

    Flame Red Ph1 V6 Dursley

    Not far from Dursley chap - had it about 2 months now but was in Dursley to pick up a mate :)
  8. TomS

    My new toy (GTi content)...

    Liking that Ads. Getting tidier looking by the day!
  9. TomS

    Flame Red Ph1 V6 Dursley

    Yeah that was me :) Mars red tis the colour, saw your car also.
  10. TomS

    Clio Cup (Thruxton)

    Superb pics, they look great the cups!
  11. TomS

    Chris vs the red devil

    lol..... they really don't
  12. TomS

    Chris vs the red devil

    lol I'm no poser! ;)
  13. TomS

    Chris vs the red devil

    Thanks for the comments guys
  14. TomS

    Chris vs the red devil

    lol I'm glad you both liked it mate!