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  1. MaxxUK

    Great Racing Action Onboard MX5s at Donington Britcar Meeting

    Have just uploaded a load of onboard videos from the weekend Britcar race meeting. These are all from the MX5 races but was also working with Hawthorns Britcar Team (Porsche 997 #38) so will be posting that up later. The MX5s always produce GREAT ACTION and there are lots of THRILLS, SPILL...
  2. Englebert

    Donington Race Report / NSX Content

    The NSX hasn't had much season so far this season. Having had the engine built with ITBs, it has had two test days, but both of these were cut short. But early in the year, we entered the NSX into a couple of Britcar rounds just to see "what she'll do". So we rocked up at Donny on Friday for...
  3. L

    Historic Festival - Donington Park

    I spent Saturday and Sunday at the Historic Festival at Donington Park. The highlight for me were the Group C and 72-85 Touring cars. The galleries from the two days are here: A few of my favourites...
  4. dunganick

    BTCC @ Donington - Difficult weekend.

    So as you probably all know it was BTCC at Donington park last weekend. I've now shot Donington three times and i have decided it is officially my least favourite circuit on the calendar (pending taking a look at croft). The place is so big that you cant really explore too many corners on the...
  5. Rob Clark

    BTCC Donington 2011 pics

    Got some half decent pics from Sunday. Tried to follow DunganNicks advice, get focus point, set shutter spped and adjust iso mode so that aperute is ~5.6 but couldnt get the balance right, some pics are ok some not so.!/media/set/fbx/?set=a.2041973488252.2122989.1211779600
  6. Steve

    Lots of CS members at Donington!

    Too many to name!!
  7. L

    Red 1*2 Castle Donington

    Parked up near the Post Office, nice to see a one that isnt black or silver!
  8. A

    XR2 at Donington (Races Two & Three)

    Was at Donington yesterday for a double header in a small field of 10 stock hatches, with only one other Class B car, an XR2i. Went through all my usual pre-race checks, fluids etc etc, sailed through scrutineering, no problems. Was driving down to the assembly area and something didn't feel...
  9. F

    Arctic Blue 182 - Donington Park

    Reg BN05 WVT, in the car park at Donington for the racing, had a club sticker and tax disc holder.
  10. ForceIndia

    Donington Museum

    Had a browse at Lunch today while the track was closed, brilliant place, here's a few of the many pics I took.
  11. ForceIndia

    200 at Donington Park

    Decided to see what the 200 could do, and decide from there if the KW V1's I've got in the garage are going on (they aren't).
  12. Rob_

    Donington Alpine Drift Demo - JDM Allstars

    This looks like a great drift circuit! Anyone know what this place used to be used for originally? Doesnt look like a car park lQ9-CvmkDmg
  13. badgerbite

    Donington update - good news!

    For all those who attended the 'save Donington meet' a while back; I got this email this morning: Dear fellow Donington Park fans, After the massive success of the 7th March and all the latest, fantastic news that racing will return to Donington in the Autumn, there will be another meeting...
  14. Rico

    About 20 RS's at donington park yesterday ...

    About 6 197s all spotted lined up in the car park at donington park yesterday. I spotted Jase (who actually followed me out when he left) and i think lawrence's 197 with winter wheels. Not sure who the others were. Saw some meg's too in the car park, parked next to each other. About 4 i...
  15. Sym0n

    Save Donington/East Mid meet

    So 17 cars from East Mids and some surrounding areas met up at the Save Donnington event today. Was a good day and we even got some sun. :cool: Anyway the full set can be found here but here's a few. Nowt amazing, but people moan at me when I don't upload them. Dave88 forgot...
  16. Naith

    found on a CD in the boot of the car!(Donington, ISTS, April09)

    god knows why i've never seen the CD! pics were taken by ian giles trying out his camera last year, spent a good few hours tidying them up so thought i'd ASW and share.... we were there with the FCS to promote the show. Car didnt have alot of the parts on it that it does now...
  17. Steve

    Short 197 cup vids Donington Subaru is my mates 340+ :D
  18. Steve

    888's tuition in the wet Donington

    Excuse the interferance etc cameras been replaced as faulty mic & rattle on mount:mad:
  19. mike1pow

    Donington in the Cup

    Went over to Donington yesterday in the Cup and had a great day. Was a sessioned event and I opted to go in the Novice group as it was my first day. Had 7 20 min sessions throughout the day and the car did really well. Noticed the brakes went a little soft after lunch, nothing braided lines and...
  20. Steve

    Several RS's Donington 9/6

    4 R26r's, 182 Trophy, 172.
  21. swirly182

    **** EEN @ Donington

    Black 182 spotted at Donnington race circuit in the Paddock carpark. Had CS stickers.
  22. dunganick

    Donington BTCC

    My first visit to Donington, Went up late Saturday evening after working all saturday, ended up sleeping in the car (not recomended!) Donington was a fascinating track to photograph, its currently only second to Brands in my mind (im sure that would change if it was closer and i had photographed...
  23. G

    Two silver PH-1 172's Donington evening session

    As above.. I was going to come over and have a chat, see if you where on the forum?! But had to leave earlier than expected!
  24. Naith

    Team 'French Car Show' @ Donington ISTS *Track/pits pics*

    below are track pics, theres alot yes but meh.... track was busy all day, alot of novices out and at the same time alot of old boys. alot of power cars simply didnt perform how they should have... all in all i had a ball, i overtook 6evos, an M3, S3, 2 civics, 2 skylines, a 500bhp S4 and...
  25. 1

    Day in pictures, Donington Park Mini meet + some night photography

    Had a pretty busy day yesterday. Got a reasonably early start which resulted in me & my housemates giving our cars a clean Big german tank & my valver V6 just before he started to put on his £80 a tub swissol wax Then went to pick my mate Greg (creggers) up and got to the mini meet at...
  26. Blinkin182

    3 x 172s at Lotus-on-track Donington

    1 x black and 2 x silver 172s at Donington tonight, black one left on a trailer, anyone from here? Had some laps as passenger in an Exige 240R with a superb young driver Craig Dolby. Great fun and what an awesome car. Those A048s weren't half warm!
  27. K

    BARC at Donington Park

    It was mine and my mate's first go at motor racing, him with his Nikon D80 + 18-200 VR and me with my 400D + 55-250 IS, I think we did ok with 0 experience between us! Right here's a bunch of ones i have processed, the cropping could be better on some but I was in a rush and at work :D 350Z...
  28. D

    Williams - Donington

    paddock parking today
  29. D

    BARC Dunlop Racing Festival - Donington

    ... anyone going? Just got two free vip suite tickets for it from a supplier... but never been before. Wondered if it was any good?
  30. Blinkin182

    Lap of Donington in an Exige

    This looks addictive!