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Donington Park - BTCC


ClioSport Club Member
Loads of Clios.

Two Silver 182s
Silver Ph1 172 - DAK or DAX on num plate.

From what I can remember.

Then a Blue 172 Cup or 182 trying to chase us towards the M1.

Also a few Megs if they're on here.

The Fonze

ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 182 Trophy
Trophy was probably mine, only there a couple of hours, weather could have been better but can't complain as it was free!


ClioSport Club Member
  Megane 175 & BG182
Yeah I got some good snaps of the track action, il stick them up on here if I get 5 mins :)
When I went to Brands a couple of years back it was loads better! Could go in and out of pitlane etc altho it was nowhere near as busy, would be chaos trying to do that now!


ClioSport Trader
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I was there, was a decent afternoon (apart from wind!)

To add to list saw a nimbus 197 and a BG 182 with a media pass on dash board

I was in that black Lambo....

I wish!