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  1. P

    Titanium 182 Donington Track Day

    Saw this wizzing round the track today, looked as if it had a Yozzasport exhaust. Also saw an iceburg silver 172 parked in the paddock as well.
  2. R

    My Day at Donington

    Went on my second track day yesterday in my 197, fantastic time, very impressed with the clio's performance, not impressed with a certain other car (or rather driver) but that'll cause a fight so I'll refrain for now :p Before yesterday I was considering coilovers and the quaife diff for my car...
  3. LeeJSA

    My Donington Track Day - 27th December

    Just a few piccies of my newly acquired Ph2 172 at its first trackday last week... The track was VERY greasy indeed and only started to get drier on the last two session in the afternoon which unfortunately meant I couldnt fit my slicks, and which...
  4. russ_0016

    Donington Track day 20/10/07

    Just a few pics of the 5 today.Did well failed on noise tho and got flagged in after couple of sessions but hay hoe.
  5. M

    Donington Clio Cup Pic

    Driving like hooligans as usual, pic at link below!!
  6. Day

    1994 FIA Touring Car World Cup, Donington

    Classic race from the Super Touring Era held at Donington in 1994 Poor Old Keith O'dor RIP, my uncle was one of his race engineers, was always busy fixing the damn thing for race 2 lol
  7. markclio2007

    Donington Pics

    Proper rip off lol Have a look through those of me on there and see if theres any you think i should buy?
  8. L

    Donington Park track day pics 17.12.06

    I went along to take some pictures of a friend at Donington today. There's also bags of others in there, including a new GT3 RS and a Ferrari. Click me There was also an ex Clio Cup racer there:
  9. L

    Clios @ Donington Park

    Silver Mk2 V6 56 plate Albi Blue 197 52 plate Cup Black Phase 2 172
  10. Darren S

    GTR2 - what are your laptimes at Donington?

    I'm slowly getting the hang of that Saleen S7-R - especially at Donington, so I wanted to know what kind of times I should aim at? Cheers, D.
  11. cliokiz

    Loads of people at Donington today!

    Saw loads of cars with ClioSport stickers in parked up in the collectors section at Donny Park today! I was parked in the public car park unfortunately :( Saw a diesel MK1, blue, with grey willy wheels in the car park as i was leaving as well, not sure whether it was anyone off here? Thanks...
  12. J

    Donington - World Series

    Have just got my tickets for Donnington - 9.10th Sept. Is anyone going? A convey from the NW?
  13. H

    Renault Donington Event ticket wanted

    Hi all I applied 4 tickets a while ago, but we have 5 people to go, I think it's a bit too late to get the tickets online again, does anybody have 1 spare ticket, I will pay the postage for it, please!! :( :( Thanks
  14. M

    Renault World Series - Donington - Where to stay?

    As above really. I'm looking for some recommendations, nothing majorly expensive (as I'm a tight b*****d!) for my g/f and I to stay that Saturday night. Possibly with my parents as well as they want to come up and watch. Any suggestions greatfully received (and no, we're not camping!)...
  15. yee_har

    Clio Cup race - Donington 30/07

    Is anybody interested in an Xvid of todays eventful race? I'd need somebody who could host it.
  16. canky

    Donington - Black 1.2 (clio sport sticker)

    Spotted u parked on the grass at Donington today. Had a Cliosport sticker in the back window, also with lexus lights aswell. possibly a dynamique?
  17. DebV6

    Few Clios at Donington

    Last weekend saw a flame red v6 ** LEF, think was supposed to say Lee, saw a 54 reg Artic Blue 182 and a 53 reg 172 cup, anyone there at the weekend??
  18. Limca

    Renault World Series 9-10 Sept 06 - Donington (free Tickets)

    i know its early, but anyhow. click on the link, select free tickets fill in the form. blah blah blah tickets get depatched to you in june. jay
  19. C

    Any meets @ BTCC @Donington?

    Is there going to be a CS meeting at the BTCC Donington round JULY 30?
  20. M

    Donington Park Trackday Video

    Hi Everyone, I have finally got around to uploading my Donington Park trackday video (its only take me about 6 months!). It was my first trackday but was great fun. Thanks to Penfold for sorting out the camera/mounting etc. Enjoy :)
  21. L

    Donington Park - Trophy on track pics

    Here's the pro shots from the day. Link Lee
  22. L

    Inferno 182 - Donington Park

    Saturday at doing the track day. I kept meaning to come over and say hello, but you know what's it's like, never enough time on track. lol
  23. L

    Donington Park Track day pics

    Just a few pics from todays track day. I didn't get chance to take many as I only watched for 20 minutes in the morning, the rest of the day I was out on track. The Skyline was absolutely flying round, as were the silver 911 Turbo and the blue GT3. Both the Golf and Bora were heavily modified...
  24. M

    Donington Vid

    Here's my first attempt at a vid!! So go easy. There is one of y0z on the way being a holligan on the last lap!!! Linky
  25. P

    Donington pics and videos

    Thought I'd post some pics up from the day. Not trying to make money out of anybody on here, but you can buy prints of them if you wanted to. :D It's actually cheaper then getting it done in the highstreet. Hope you like the pics, I'll post some...
  26. Ally

    Renault racing @ Donington in Sept ’05

    Just for anyone whos not aware of this: I applied for tickets about a month or so ago but didnt receive any confirmation back. Just worried that I might miss out on...
  27. Rich

    Donington Park and nr Tamworth

    54 Plate Black Gold 182 no cup packed, parked near the Vauxhall VXr motosport tent. Didnt note the plate but Inferno 182 just past the tunnel exit into the infield. Very clean Flame Red 04 plate 172 at a pub just off the A42/M42 Services next to Maccy ds
  28. A

    182’s at Donington

    Black 182 Blue 182 X 2 Inferno 182 All yesterday at the GTs. [Edited by adamcmoran on 04 April 2005 at 12:28pm]