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first car

  1. B

    First car - Clio 1.2 PH2

    Hello all , This is my first car and my first project , i managed to pick this up for 650GBP in august 2021 with a fresh MOT, 82,500 miles and at the time completely stock , based on its mot history having a sun strip i gathered at some point it may have been considering im also the 8th owner...
  2. B

    Mystery oil leak in my first and new car :(

    (Photos attached) Alright guys I’m new to and new to the roads. I managed to buy a 2006 clio campus sport 1.2 16v (75 hp) with 49K miles on the clock, great condition. Everything is mint and mechanically sound or that’s what I thought until maybe 4 days after driving it I started...
  3. JackForster26

    My First Car MK3 1.2

    NEWBIE! I figured i would create a thread on my first ever car. I bought a 1.2 Clio MK3 in august 2017 3 days after i passed :grimacing: with 50k miles, unfortunately it is the only thing i can really get insured on for a first timer but here we are. After i passed back in August I decided...
  4. C

    First car, my first project (mk2 ph2 1.2 16v)

    This is my first car, I will slowly be improving it as time goes by, I understand not everyone likes the stickers but its how the car came and to be honest I like them. Also I know nothing really relating to doing stuff so give me a chance ;) i am also aware its not a sport just a b**ch to take...
  5. Ryan M

    First Car and Project - Clio MK2 1.2 16v

    Hello Everyone, After passing my driving test a couple of weeks ago I was eager to buy a vehicle like most people after passing their test. I managed to get myself a cheap runner for driving to college for only £300 and with only 65k on the clock. I know the car isn't the best bodywork wise but...
  6. Barretted

    Sean's Naughty 1.6

    This is going to be the progression thread for my Naughty Blue 1.6 Dynamique, my first car which I've owned for around 3 months now & loving every bit of! (First day she got home, very cold day!) Some info on the car: Bought at 41,780 Miles (45,200 now) Picked it up for £750! 1.6 Dyamique...
  7. Jordan pooley

    Clio 1.2 First car Project

    Hello everyone, Just some pictures of my first car project, I'm trying not to go down the road of every 17 year olds first car and make it look worse I haven't done much to it yet because I'm having to save for the insurance. The things I've done so far is: Clio 172 rear spoiler Wind...