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mk3 clio

  1. D

    Oil Pressure Fault

    My 1.2 Mk3 clio has thrown up the oil pressure fault. I've changed the pressure switch which hasn't solved the problem unfortunately, I'm going to change the oil filter in case that's clogged but is there anything else it could be apart from the oil pump? I was planning on selling the car so...
  2. J

    Clio 200 steering knock

    Hey there, Looking at a clio 200. When I test drove the car. While at low speed and especially while stationary there was a very noticeable knocking sound from the steering while going from lock-to-lock. Easily heard from outside the car too. It's just had an MOT and which it needed a...
  3. C

    Mk3 Clio radio and clock not working.

    Radio has suddenly stopped working. And the clock on the dash isn’t working only light which comes in is the seatbelt light. I have checked all fuses even changed the 15amp radio fuse. Absolutely nothing, I recently changed the interior light to a brighter one so not sure if that has anything to...
  4. Jacpac5

    MK3 Clio TCE performance exhaust

    There's quite a few threads already but most of them seem to be from a couple years back now unfortunately. I was looking to see where I can get a good exhaust that's a bit more free flowing for the TCE.
  5. I

    Damsel in distress

    Can anybody tell me whether this bumper extension or whatever you deem to call it has a name or somewhere I can get a replacement? Country lanes and lowering springs have resulted in the need for some TLC
  6. J

    Cheap mk3 clio coilovers???

    I have a mk3 1.5dci 2010 and Want to know of any cheap coilovers. I put 3sdms on my clio with 5mm spacers to make them fit but this means the tyres stick out and there is about a 90mm gap from tyre to outside arch. I found coilovers on eBay called ta tuningart which said (fits mk3 clio box)...
  7. JKeillor94

    Mk3 wipers

    Soooo, i have a mk3 and im wanting a sunstrip since the visors are b****cks.. looking at a 6" strip, wipers will undoubtedly wipe over it.. Anyone here with a mk3 run shorter wipers with a sunstrip? Looking to see whats the best size to get 😁
  8. JKeillor94

    Mk3 Clio Daily Project

    So about a year and a half ago i got myself a Mk3 Clio after my Mk2 popped a head gasket and i lost interest in it entirely. I settled for a 1.2 Clio Bizu Edition; I bought it for 4k from Arbold Clark, got it with a full years MOT and 6 months tax plus they chucked in £20 of fuel for me before...
  9. D

    Engine swap

    Hi, my 1.2 engine in my mk 3 went last week, timing belt snapped and bent all 16 valves, I’ve just bought another mk3 1.2 engine with the same engine code as the one that went, Will this just be plug and play, or will I need the ecu to go with it?
  10. W

    Intermittent power loss when in anything above 2nd gear mk3 clio rs200

    Hello. After a good 300 miles battering around the welsh roads in the clio rs200 with no faults whatsoever, a mere 3 days since being home I noticed coming back from a short trip that the car suddenly lost power in 3rd gear. I wasnt thrashing it, I just put my foot down in second a little bit...
  11. R

    Original Mk3 Dynamique SX Side skirt

    A shot in the dark here but does anyone have a drivers side sideskirt from the Mk3 Dynamic sx oem bodykit? Been looking for ages and cant find a single one! The body kit is pretty rare so chances are slim but maybe someone damaged their passenger side sideskirt and decided to remove both...
  12. JKeillor94

    Mk3 coilovers

    Right, I'm on the hunt for some coilovers and I cannot find a bloody thing!.. I have a 2011 Clio Bizu and all I can find is the prefacelift coilovers or RS coilovers. I'm currently running 45mm H&R Lowering Springs but still want it lower preferably. If anyone can fire me into the right...
  13. B

    Clio Mk3 washer jet not working

    Hi So a my washers seem to have stopped working. I've filled them up and no luck. When I pull back the stalk a little comes out of the right one, but not enough to reach the screen and nothing out of the left. I can hear the motor, one thing that is strange, if i twist the stalk for it to wash...
  14. B

    Interior light change

    Hi, I've tried to change the lights on the interior but they are not budging. The middle one seemed easy but the outer two won't come out, I've used pliers, taken the section out to try pushing them out from behind, but I can't due to the little metal conductor. This may sound stupid but it's a...
  15. K

    Mk3 steering wheel switch

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to switch my standard mk3 steering wheel to one with the volume buttons and wire it up so it functions properly
  16. JackForster26

    My First Car MK3 1.2

    NEWBIE! I figured i would create a thread on my first ever car. I bought a 1.2 Clio MK3 in august 2017 3 days after i passed :grimacing: with 50k miles, unfortunately it is the only thing i can really get insured on for a first timer but here we are. After i passed back in August I decided...
  17. R

    HELP! Does anyone have a link for this interior wrap?

    Hi there, I have a 2008 MK3 Renault Clio 1.2 TCE and am looking for this specific wrap for the interior fans. Does anyone have a link or know where to find it.. thanks.
  18. Mitchell Kerr

    Clio Mk3 Project!

    Hey there, new to this forum! All i can say to start off with is that I own a Clio Mk3 facelift but its not an RS. If this offends you then leave, but if you want to see a project that will go somewhere for us who can not afford the RS price then this project is for you! Mods are: AP Coilovers...
  19. T

    light on the letters near to the gear selector on mk3

    hello everybody, i have the clio mk3 2007 automatic and I was wondering if the letters near to the gear selector supposed to light up like in the most of the cars. thanks
  20. A

    Interior mods on mk3 2012

    Hey, I was wondering if the handbrake handle was removable on the mk3 and if the Sparco Settanta parts (Pedal set, gear knob and handbrake handle) would fit as replacements. Cheers in advance.
  21. S

    Mudflaps for Clio III 3-door

    Hey all! I'm looking to fit some aftermarket mudflaps to my 3-door Mk3 Clio S TCe. Has anyone done this? I've had a really good look under the arches and there doesn't seem to be any obvious places to screw in the flaps? Thanks for any advice here!
  22. J

    Rookie wanting to lower a mk3 needs help

    I have purchased FK 40mm lowering springs and shocks. I am wondering how this will affect day to day life, for example is the car going to collapse on me driving to work?? is it going to fail MoT?? I hear a lot of talk about struts and quite frankly I know nothing. do I need to buy better strut...
  23. B

    MK3 Clio - Canasta Wheels

    Anyone know the best place to get standard Clio Canasta wheels? Putting my car back to standard but can't find any on eBay, gumtree etc.