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how to remove wiper arms & scuttle panel


ClioSport Club Member
  Sunflower Ph1
im fairly sure my passengver footwell leak is caused from something under the scuttle panel.

thing is how do you get the wipers off? ive taken off the 3 13mm nuts on each of the arms and the arms are staying firmly on the car, no amount of pulling is shifting them.

is there a knack to getting these off or do i need to undo something else?

on a related note, once i have the scuttle off, where are the common leak entry points on the passenger side.

  BMW M135i
Bearing puller to get the wipers of their taper usually works, they get rather tight to say the least. Water usually has to enter the cabin through the heater and I can't remember any other entry points that side from memory. Check the skuttle drain in the center would be the first port of call.
  BMW M135i
^ Thats just asking to scratch the f**k out of the scuttle cover though. If they won't come off with gentle pursuasion then what Typan's posted would be a good idea.
  MK3 GTI golf 16v
next to where the nut was just push down with your palm hard a few times ( it will like pop inwards) then it will come off